Turenne released

a lil surprised by this move. Shows a lot of confidence in new guys for sure.
Eric Thomas is a really nice pick up though. Fairly surprised he hasn't found a home in the NFL. Hello Taj, meet your competition.

Yes, I am surprised as well . . . thought Turenne was pretty effective.

yeah. Can a team upgrade...sure, but he was pretty consistent. you would think he would be in camp to compete anyways.

I see this as a sign that we took baby steps to getting better.

Was never a Tyrenne fan. In general he was around the ball............but wasn't getting knockdowns or picks. Close enough to be there but not making plays.

We cut him once before............time to let him ride off!

Don't get me wrong, I agree, I have always just found it a little weird to entirely cut a guy who has seen regular action bringing him to camp. I get it if you do it before FA season or maybe just into...you are saying we are upgrading. You keep a guy until this close to camp it says we are not sure we will find someone better....if it is that close, then make him compete. He was never an all-star, but he was definitely not a dud either, so 100% committing to a rookie going into camp...questionable.