This was in the Toronto Sun...

I hope Bill Lankhof is right...

[url=http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CBQQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.torontosun.com%2Fsports%2Fcolumnists%2F2010%2F09%2F22%2F15445811.html&ei=382bTL7HAoqhngf_g6E0&usg=AFQjCNHoK8EAYGVY8jJ7sJIjGDi6NIz3wg]http://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&source=we ... GDi6NIz3wg[/url]

I share his view of things. :roll:

I don’t think we were getting on Cobb’s back pre-maturely.Yeah he was getting low carries per game and everything but when the best run you can produce in 5-10 handoffs is 2 yards, you’re in trouble.Everyone in my section ALWAYS cringes and ask’s why we keep using the guy.It’s almost assuredly a 2 yard gain maximum with a good chance of a loss.Up until last week he was brilliant at killing drives.

That's why coaches and GM's do what they do and you sit in the stands. :wink:

I'm not sold on him yet.Guess who his two best games were against last year?That's right, BC.Not to mention BC was forced to use the 3-4 for half of the game.After his 98 yard game in T.O., he stunk up the joint the next few weeks.I used to like him but as of now he's the perfect example of inconsistency.I for one hope the last game was the ice breaker and he'll start racking up the 100+ yard games the rest of the way through.

As I've said, let's plan every game to run at the beginning and get Cobb and the o-line excited for that and pumped but be ready to change if needed. You can't have a thousand running and passing plays game plan wise, you have to pick and choose but let's start by saying to every team right off, you are going to have to stop our run before we'll go the pass exclusively.

Cobb was terrible before last game. If he stays aggressive and actually hits the holes instead of his insane dancing bobbing and weaving he'll be OK. If not he'll be cut

Turbo Charged. :thup: I wonder if we'll see that new RB Kunta Kinte this year.

Terrible before last game?...NO! As pointed out by so many...there were other factors.

I won't argue that point. The "bobbing and weaving"...it's his style and if he had "open space to run", he doesn't do it! This article said almost exactly what I had been debating in the "DeAndre not getting it done" thread.

Who was it said..."If you listen to the fans, soon you will be sitting with them"? :wink:

I've maintained, all along, that his production numbers were not "all about Cobb". Hopefully things will all fall into place and "the team" will continue to improve. Let's chear these guys on come Saturday night. :thup:

Sure hope so, the kid's young, fast and eager.He could be a good one.This game is make or break for Cobb IMO.

Nothing could be further from the truth. :roll:

The new guy is on the practise roster for a reason. He hasn't played a game yet. He is there in case we lose a couple of RB's to injury.

Sure, it would be nice if the new guy sticks around...AND IS BETTER but my point in even mentioning it is that the coaches and GM think we are on the right track with Cobb, the O-line and the playcalling. It's not just Cobb. :wink:

Yes Woody he was terrible. Many pundits agreed. Sure he didn't have a lot to work with but he didn't help himself with the scatback routine. I've said all along that it was play calls, line play and Cobb. You've blamed the first 2 without acknowledging Cobbs poor play. Don't understand your blind loyalty

If Cobb goes back to his first 10 game style he's in big trouble. Hopefully he'll continue to hit the line hard without hesitation like the last game rather than the indecisive stuff that created this uncertainty of his abilities

No "blind loyalty" AKT...And I'll have to politely disagree with what you said about most of the "pundits".

Most agree with me...there are a few articles posted to back that up...but on here I'm certainly in the minority. :wink:

If you have read all the threads on Cobb of late you will notice that I've said all along "it's not all Cobb". At the same time, with the degree of success, (or lack of it), I've called for need for a Big Straight Ahead line plunging RB...someone who could be used in tandem with Cobb. Thigpen and Conte are very similar. Of the three though I think Cobb is the most solid.

And I've heard most agree with me. No you've said Cobb is doing his job and that none of it was his fault. I've said all along that its at least one third his fault and that he's playing poorly not doing what he's paid to do. If all we were looking for was a blocker we have 2 Canadian fullbacks that could do what Cobb was doing for most of the first 10 games

I didn't hear it...IT'S POSTED!

Hey mine is posted too. Check out TSN archives. Everyone of them at some point has questioned Cobb's decision making and said he's not the same guy as last year. They've said its not all his fault but then thats exactly what I've said too. Maybe you aren't actually reading what I write and instantly assume I blame everything on Cobb.

And if all we were looking for was a runner, then we'd probably already be using either Thigpen or Cuttino. But I thnk the coaches are looking for someone who can do both when called on.

As for our two fullbacks being able to block, I find Brown is still learning and often gets beat by the rush. I expect that with a little more experience, he will come around. And I haven't see Fournier in that role yet, so I cannot comment on his ability. I'm sure the coaching staff are well aware of his abilities; if they felt he would be better in the backfield than Cobb, I expect he would be there already.

Good post. I happen to agree with it but thats not the point. The issue we have is that we don't presently have a player that can do both. With the personnel we have its important that we have a 2 back set but our OC just doesn't get it. I agree Brown has plenty to learn but given his game reps I'm not surprised he's still learning this late in the season. If he gets better it makes sense to go to either of the other 2 if they are actually better runners than Cobb. I honestly have no idea if they are or aren't

I'll agree with that assesment as well :thup: but I won't touch the "I have no idea" :wink:

Hey I'm not trying to get in a "pissing contest with you". :wink: I generally agree with your football posts and no I don't say that you blame everything on Cobb. Perhaps you should go read the DeAndre not getting it done thread. Man, I really had a debate there only to be proven correct with my assesments. Of course the usual combatants don't post there any more :roll: ...this thread could be merged and then it would be easier to see "who said what".

check this out...viewtopic.php?f=5&t=59991&start=105#p1005819

Actually you have not been proven correct. The proof will only come when we play a decent defensive team. The fact is that the line was better but so too was Cobb. When he got stuffed he still got positive yardage that he failed to get the first 10 games. If you read the topic you'll see I was one of the many that disagreed with your view that Cobb was doing his job because frankly he wasn't