Tunes for Lesley and the Tiger-Cat Dance team to consider...

here's an awesome one I like.....

Try to top that one!....huh? :cowboy:

That song has topped the charts for a few weeks now. it's awesome to see a semi local band (Burlington)doing well.. I love that's catchy

Well I've been accused by my daughters, my girlfriend and even DJ Flick, of all people, of being stuck in the 70's and 80's..(DJ accused me of being "not hip" if memory serves) I'm making a real effort to listen to the new stuff too and if this song is an indication, yeah, I'm in.....I like this stuff!...good on 'Finger 11'

Too bad Deej left for the Riders before he saw the 'reformed me'


any more good stuff out there?....bring it on!

Which is more offensive:

a) Finger Eleven
b) Rainbow Butt Monkeys
c) What do you mean, they're the same band???

Not a bad song, but I'm sick of Can-Con rules, and the overplaying of Canadian artists.

It's not so much the overplaying of Canadian artists.... it's the overplaying of bad Canadian artists.

Put a little in your diet and you'll feel a lot better.

But back to the original topic, these guys aren't Canadian, but get some treadmills out on the field and have the girls pull of some of these sweet moves:

Nice idea JFL, but I can 1 up you on that idea:
Get the Mac cheerleaders with some of their flips and such on the treadmills to this song.

That tune's the love child of "Take Me Out" by Franz Ferdinand and "Too Young to Fall in Love" by Crue.

The off-season is painfully long.

Flares for Fans - Bring 'em to Hamilton:

I can't see any downside.


i always found it funny that when the cats were getting thumped they would play in the 4th quarter, "stuck in the middle with you" by steelers wheel...the first line, "well, i done kno why i came here tonight"...always got people laughing and saying, ya got that

how about wearing those leather outfits and dancing to “dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me” !!!

excuse me, I need some alone time now !

I'm not sure why the leather is appropriate angellic look