Tuesday Night Game

I just noticed that the next game is this Tuesday. When I reviewed the schedule this appears to be the only Tuesday game.
Is there a special reason for this or it is just a scheduling issue?
Thanks, I appreciate the help/info I'm receiving.

Thank Rogers for that.

DON’T get me (or most people on this forum) started about the Tuesday game. :wink:

It’s a new Toronto Argonauts only tradition - football games on stupid nights.

Seriously though, it’s something to do with scheduling around the Toronto Blue Jays schedule at the Rogers Centre.
And it is a pain. From what I understand, the TV ratings drop noticeably from the weekend games.
Technically, the Argonauts have TWO games in week eight - home to Winnipeg on Tuesday and home to B.C. on Sunday night.


That's great, thank you Rogers! I can now have something to watch on a Tuesday and at a decent hour.

Thanks for the info, I really do appreciate your help, even though I'm sure some of my questions are foolish if you really know the CFL.

So how why is that any different from Winnipeg playing in Hamilton on Saturday night and playing again on Thursday. The days off between, are the same. Do the Argos deserve more time between games? They are also coming off a bye week.

It was more a complaint about the times and day of the week of the games rather than the number of days between the games.

While Rogers is a major reason why the Argos have these random games, this Tuesday game in particular is also necessary due to the fact that there are now nine teams and 81 games to be played. You'll notice that Toronto plays two games this week and that's because one week has to have five games (20X4 +1). The league had this similar format in 2004, 2005, and the planned schedule in 2006, with Saskatchewan, Toronto, and Montreal playing two games in one week, respectively.

The major difference here is that Toronto is HOSTING both games and that is because of the horrible scheduling that occurs with being the secondary tenant at Rogers Centre. If Toronto is still playing in the dome next year, chances are we'll see the same type of scheduling for them. After the game on Aug 17, they don't play a home game until October. Yeesh.

oh for crying out loud. It should be so obvious with Toronto playing again on sunday that they need to play this game earlier in the week. with 9 teams, its a given that there be at least one week with 2 game. At least it works out better for Toronto than Winnipeg.

No sweat. You learn by asking.
Generally this board is pretty friendly and helpful. Much more so than other boards I've seen.
The basic rule is "what goes around comes around". People who treat others with respect get respect back. Trolls and loudmouths generally get shouted down.

Legitimate questions will usually find answers. Welcome to the boards.

It's a side effect of a 9 team league. With the schedule imbalanced due to that, you get a couple of weeks in the year where one team plays twice. Only other way to deal wit it would be to extend the number of weeks in the season, but that'd push the Grey Cup back farther.

Does this mean a new Tuesday Night CFL Football Tonight song by Rod Black and the TSN Crew??

No reason it can't be a 21 week season; with these five games spread out over two weeks. 3 one weekend, two the next.

with 81 games, that means you have to have 1 extra game with two teams playing short. No need to stretch out the grey cup to December just to avoid this. I would rather a 5 game week and am glad there are no more 2 game weeks. I hated that.

No need to push it back to December. Just start the season on Father's Day, instead of the week after.

Once the league gets to 10 teams, the schedule will be balanced again... :wink:


Tough scheduling indeed, but at least both games are home games so there's no travel in between so at least there's that.