Tuesday July 8 practice.....

I made it to the morning practice after all but only caught about 30 mins.
Some observations based on this brief period of time:

  • the team looked sharp despite the hot humid weather and the pungent smell of rubber from the artificial turf

  • Chang was getting lots of work and was hitting Tre Smith often and accurately with short passes

  • I did not read Steve Milton's piece on the "Leadership Council" until later but the team sure looked confident and ready to go. The piece answered the question about how can a team go from being so bad one week to so good the next. I talked to a very knowlegeable football guy afterwards and he believes Danny Mac also had a lot to do with it

  • I talked briefly with Ron Lancaster and Charlie after the practice. Very personable fella's. It was the first time I had ever spoken to Ron Lancaster..I felt like some star-struck teenager. All I remember is mumbling something about "thanks for the the great football over the years and that I had been a fan of his since the early 60's".
    And I now have a priceless picture of my 9 year old grandson with Ron Lancaster on one side of him and Charlie on the other.

  • Last Thursdays game must have been bigger for Charlie and Ron than I imagined. We spoke about it and they were still tickled to death about the result. And the fact that the win was against the Argo's seemed to delight them both even more. I was glad to see that they got as big a charge out of the win the all of us fans did. The relief showed.

  • I saw Casey Printers later at Jarvis Street. He appeared to have his right arm in a some kind of a sling. Hmmm. I hope its nothing serious.....

-my final memory of todays practice was watching Ron Lancaster walk across the field back to his car. You know what? He still has that same confident swagger that he showed as he walked out on the field with Saskatchewan all those years ago to put on his usual wonderful display of quarterbacking.

  • One more thing. I must make a note. Charlie is a very personable guy....laid back in many ways but very affable. I must remember to separate the man from the results if this team ever tanks again.
    As Don Williams once said about one of his musicians...."he is a good musician but more importantly he is a good man." I would say that assessment applies equally well to football coaches and players too.
    It was a good day.

Great story...mr62cats.
I ran into Ron Lancaster in the elevator in the Royal Conn/Hotel downtown many years ago. It was the day of the game that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I remember thinking...christ this guy is tall. I also remember...mumbling a bit, and also, star struck at the time.
A great guy he is.


Yes Charlie is great Guy and Very Good Coach MrCats62

Charlie is never Too Busy for us Fans
I love to take photos of The Ticats Games.
Charlie always have time to look them break down the info.

As For Ronnie
I will never forget The 1st I Spoke to Him.
I was doing my 1st Interview for BGR
This was back when bob Just Bought the Team.

I walk into Ticat Offices at Staduim looking for Danny.
Proud as Peacock But there Ron in his GM office.

Can I Help you ?
I hear to Interview Danny Sir I Said .
( I was shaking in my Boots)

Who Cleared this kid He Said to the Staff.
I Told him David Sauve did Sir .
Ronnie "He said no apart of Football Ops.
why did He Clear it ."

Let me Get Danny For you kid
Then He Laugh and Taped me Shoulder
Relax Kid just having Fun with you.

Next Time I told go threw Ticat Media Team
That I did
I don't Think Ronnie Remembers that.

Its a strange thing.....during my years in broadcasting I have had contact with the famous and not so famous from all over the world.
Most seemed like nice people but the only time I felt really humbled was when I interviewed Sir Edmund Hillary. He was one of the most impressive people I have ever come across. Deep, tough and compassionate.
Now there is another...Ron Lancaster. For others this may be no big deal. But for me it was. All those great moments in football involving him, came back to me.
I think we all have points in our lives where something gets triggered from years gone by and I guess these two and a couple of others, did it for me. I hope Ron too, will forgive any incoherent babbling on my part! :oops:

We have all been there..My Friend