Tucker Update

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Out for the season having neck surgery.

That is absolutely horrible news. My prayers are with him.

That is that last thing you want to happen.

This really puts things into perspective as to what is important in life.

All the best to Tucker and his family!

Get well soon man!

that truly sucks. definitely one of the most exciting players in this league and it sounds like it could possibly be a career ending injury.

I photo of hit and Impact
I was Following Tucker with the Camera when it happened.
I don't anyone to go threw hit like that one

Looks like he received some excellent medical care, otherwise it could have been way worse.

It could have been horribly worse. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.
Thoughts and prayers go out to him for a speedy recovery.


All things considered, a very lucky man!

I was nearly in tears through a good part of the 4th quarter.. the injury happened right in front of us, so we could clearly see how bad things were because of how the trainers and EMTs were working on Tucker. My prayers are with him and his family.

All the best to you Jason. :thup: :thup:

Tucker get well soon all the best to one of the best in the CFL and Kudos to Hamilton General Hospital they are top notch :thup:

Schultz wrote a very nice article which includes a link to the Esks site where you can send well wishes to Jason...


And the trainers and EMTs who stabilised his neck for transport.

Looks like he will recover but will never play football again.

I'm sure he'll recover, and depending on how well he mends, he will likely play again, too.

Jason: All the best to you. I anticipate your return and pray for you speedy recovery.

Like everyone I wish Jason the best of luck in his recovery. But when I see that collision (hit is not the right word), you can clearly see Jason lowering his head and delivering a blow with his head. The same way we saw Kenny Wheaton hit Jason French, and the Argo hit on Durant in the Sask game this weekend. The CFL has a real problem with players delivering blows with the helmut (offesne and defense). Injuries are inevitable this way and the league has to make it clear to all players that delivering a blow with your helmit not only puts you at risk but will result in immediate suspension. I'm not picking on Jason. He's a classy, skilled player. But he did initiate the contact, and in the process actually hurt our player as well.

I dont think helmet hits are illegal are they? even helmet to helmet happens but its only a penalty if its to quarterback isnt it? the way the players lower the chin and hit with the helmet like a missile that is dangerous. I saw that hit on durrant when the argo lowered his chin and drove his helmet into durrant while he was in the follow through. Three cracked ribs from it but no flag on the play.

Tucker still went after his fumble with his neck fractured....one tough SOB.
Kudos to him on his return to health.

I do not mean to hijack this thread, but was that play not a catch and fumble?
or was it ruled on the field no catch no fumble?

It sure was a good play for tucks to recover that fumble. Just instinct I guess but considering all things it was pretty remarkable. Not sure what they called on the play. Best wishes to jason in his recovery. I think he will be able to play again but he may choose otherwise. That injury could have been much worse but also has prognosis for full recovery. Its a good thing they listened to him and took the precautions.

The Edmonton sun is reporting that tucker may be at commonwealth tomorow for the esks game. That would be a huge lift for the team and supporters.