Tucker Possibly Carreer Done


That would be a big loss. Good receiver and a good guy.

Wow that would be a great loss to the Eskimos and the CFL. A great guy that is just a tough situation. I wish him all the best in the future.

....very troubling news, I was relieved to see him move extremities as he was taken off the field but this news is very solemn to say the least..prayers are with you Tucker for a full recovery...

hey atleast it wasnt a dirty, shameless knee grinder of a low hit that ended kelly wiltchire's career.

:( Best wishes Tucker, somehow I think he's gonna bounce back ready to rip it up next season. Best wishes.

I think the injury occured after the initial hit. He seemed to have no problem jumping for the loose ball. Its only after someone jumped on him that he seemed to be hurt

Good observation. At this point who knows, I just wish the speediest of recovery for him.

...I wish him all the best and full recovery...Tucker is a main-stay with the esks. ...they're going to miss him...IF Bell of the Bombers can come-back from a brain injury...i don't see why Tucker can't...Don't count his career over yet???

wasnt there another player from edmonton back in the 80's that had his career ended because of a helmet to helmet hit? I think his name was Bell or something. But anyway best of luck to Tucker

....you're correct ...his name was Bell but i don't remember his first either ...maybe an ol' esks. fan can fill us in... :roll:

Boy, tough couple of years for Tucker on the injury front.

Hope everything turns out well for him, he's a real classy guy, the league could use a few more like him.

James Bell... If you google his name you get a rider fan chat room.... they talk about him with some detail there.

It certainly has been a tough week for the Eskimo organization in terms of injury. First Fred Perry and now Jason Tucker.

It sure makes one appreciate how much these guys put on the line whenever they put on the pads.

Tucker has made some amazing catches in his career. Should he be done as a player he will be missed. Great performer and seems to be a good team guy. Best wishes to him and keeping our fingers crossed for Esks fans.

I was there, the hit was not dirty, however it was a shame the result of the play. Best wishes to you Jason, I hope for a speedy recovery.

...not a bad hit whatsoever, two guys going down, shame their heads contacted....both players were stung initially....I'm not sure about Tucker's injury coming after the hit though, on replay as he dove for the loose ball he raises his left hand up to the back of his helmet as if to say something is wrong there...sounds like he is in good care, lets hope for the best now...

Terrible news…hope he’s o.k. Don’t like to see any player injured like that.

There’s a story about it here:

[url=http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/2008/07/26/lefko_higgins_tucker_hit/]http://www.sportsnet.ca/football/cfl/20 ... ucker_hit/[/url]

Oh man this is really bad news for Tucker and the Esks. :frowning:

I wish him all best with the surgery and hope he can make a complete recovery.

I think maybe I'll send a get well card to the Eskies. Tucker has long been my favourite player and I have a jersey with his name on it.

Definitely some terrible news for Edmonton. I was shocked when I saw the headline this afternoon. I hope he's able to recover from this. His health is the most important thing. Good luck, Tucker.

Glad to hear Jason shouldnt have any long term effects from this injury. Ive always
had a lot of respect for him, both on and off the field.

Get well Jason!