Tucker hottest Free Agent

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The clock is ticking on the Edmonton Eskimos.

Jason Tucker - the team's star receiver - will become a free agent in about a month if the Eskimos can't entice him to sign a new contract.

The good news for the Green and Gold: the two sides are talking.

The bad news: Tucker would be highly coveted if he reaches the open market on Feb. 15.

"There are a lot of teams that would like him," said Joe Coletta, who is Tucker's Chicago-based agent.

"Jason is coming off four really good years. He has gotten better every year he has been there."

Every team in the league would be interested in Tucker after he led the CFL in receiving in 2005 with 1,411 yards on 89 catches.


The 29-year-old California product also matched a career high with 11 touchdowns in the regular season.

Amazingly, he had more TD receptions than Mookie Mitchell, Trevor Gaylor and Ed Hervey - Edmonton's other starting receivers - combined over 18 regular-season games.

"We're going to do everything we can to try to keep him where he is," said the Esks' general manager Paul Jones, from his Louisiana office. "We think a lot of Jason and he means a lot to the organization."

After spending two seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, Tucker signed in Edmonton in March 2002 - and has been nothing short of steady and stellar.

Averaging more than 1,100 yards per year, he has been the club's leading receiver in back-to-back seasons.

"And he doesn't show any signs of slowing down," said Coletta.


Although Edmonton was able to sign running back Troy Davis and defensive end Joe Montford - two key potential free agents - within a week of winning the Grey Cup last fall, Jones wasn't able to negotiate with Tucker's agent during the 2005 season and had to patiently wait in December.

"Jason and his agent didn't want to talk until after the season and then you roll into the Christmas holidays," explained Jones. "They wanted to wait until it was all over before they sat down with negotiations, so we granted their wish."

Now the Eskimos are hoping to get their wish: Tucker signing another contract.

EXTRA POINT: Contrary to some media speculation, offensive lineman Sandy Annunziata has no desire to retire.

"There's no doubt I would love to come back," said the 36-year-old guard-centre, who started 10 games last year for Edmonton and served as the lone backup during the playoffs. "I will play until they drag me off the field."

Annunziata is still waiting for an Esk offer.

After coming from Toronto last spring and playing out the option on his contract, he can become a free agent next month. Even though he has played on back-to-back Grey Cup winners, he believes the acquisition of offensive lineman Tim Bakker in the trade for Jason Maas could impact his future.

"Tim is the same player I am, playing inside and centre," said Annunziata. "He's a good player, but I don't think he carries the same resume I have."

ummmmm, the title says Tompkins, but the text says tucker. :lol: who could sure make a difference on a lot of teams, that for sure

oh yea...thanks...lol

Ohh, this subject was enough to get me out of the wood work. Free agent season is always fun. I just quickly scanned the F/A list and saw some name that would look good on the back of a Ti-Cats jersey. Karikari, Stewart (MTL), French and Juhasz (sp?). And obviously Hitch better be back. Seeing him in anyother jersey is just wrong.

hey wait, now my first post makes no sense :oops: Oh well, tucker will make a tonne of cash i am sure, no matter where he goes

I would definelly love to have tucker on the Riders. MAybe the Riders can do what The Stamps did last year, with Copeland and Burris. Maybe We sign Tucker, and then Joseph doesn't sign with Ottawa and just strings them along and then the Riders sign him too. I would be happy, even if I am not the hugest Joseph fan, with Dominguez and Tucker out there. look out.

Just Musings by the way, I have not heard of any of the above happening

the riders should trade for glenn or wynn. the bombers have 2 good QB's and should get some value outta one, since they can only play one of them.

I disagree with that DG. If glenn goes down we have no other QB. Plus we dont need to work on our damn offence. We need to work on our defence.

Wynn should be a starter in this league. No questions. Who do you think will give him the chance?

I am going to have to disagree with bringing KG back to Saskatchewan. I would take both Crandell and Greene over Glenn any day. I found that when Glenn was here and started he had a hard time finishing out games. Spergon Wynn would be nice here as he can throw the deep ball. It would be nice to see Tucker in a Green and White jersey next year, and I hope Shiv makes a good enough pitch at him. Resign Thurmon, and we will have three great (or 1 decent-Thurmon) recievers. Go after another linebacker such as OShea to replace Trevis Smith, and resign Paul McCallum.

shiv should go for wynn....trade some d-fence to winnipeg for wynn.

then they got thier QB problem solved, and the peg fixed up thier Defence.

What about Josh Ranek? Look at what he's done on a bad team with a bad O-line. I think he should be at least as coveted as Tucker. Granted, teams generally only carry one star runner, but can carry up to four star receivers if they're willing to pay that much (coughEdmonton). And most teams have a competent RB, so maybe Ranek won't be as popular with GMs ... however, I'd say Ranek should also be one of the hottest FAs. I'm surprised no one's mentioned him yet ...
My favourite team is the Stamps, so I'd love to see Tucker down here, but as long as it didn't compromise our continuity. If not here, then I hope he goes to Ottawa. That's one team I really want to see improve (they're also my second-favourite) ... it's one way to put butts back in the seats.

greenandwhite I would puke if I saw Mike O'Shea in a Rider uniform. The guy is a disgrace to football.

Good luck getting Tucker! I'd be extremely surprised to see him sign anywhere else other than Edmonton. In fact, I'd be willing to put some money on it... :slight_smile:

I'd see him with the Als :slight_smile: I'M sure AC wouldnt mind having him on the roster either!

he is going to take offers from all of the cfl teams then he will show his offers to edmonton and they will pay him more than anybody else.

I'm almost certan it won't go that far. I say the esks will have him signed before or during the first week of febraury(before he actually becomes a FA).

I think he will likely get ot the free agent period not because he wants to see whats out there but because Edmontons management should feel very confident that he will come back to the esks