It's official dimitri tsoumpas has signed a long term contract with the calgary stampeders and will help balance out our canadian ratio


This is great news for the Stampeder football club :thup: and.............. Calgary keeps getting stronger as we speak.

i am so happy with the oline of Calgary this year. especially Dan Comisky. being of 38 years and out playing a lot of younger guys. i really feel he is the feel good story of the west division this year. east division i would prolly say boyd. that was a side note. i love the amount of Good Canadian talent on the Stamps. I have to put my foot in my mouth and chew hard. I was werried Calgary needed Canadian talent. i even put a thread on about it. But the Huffer made me eat ym werds and has done a great job with the Canadian talent, and signing it. i think it helps with cortex gone. i beleive with him here, cornish would not have gotten this good of a chance.

If they gave out awards for top offensive and defensive coordinators of the year, in addition to the usual coach of the year (and why don't they?), then I expect Dave Dickenson would be the leading candidate for top offensive coordinator of the year (and Chris Jones for top defensive coordinator).

i dont think anyone would question that. the question is this; how do you stop jones from going to edmonton to be a head coach, and stop Dave D. from goign to BC as a head coach? another idea for an award i had was rookie CFLer of the year... for players like boyd who dont meet the rookie requirements, but showed great aspirations the first year as a CFL ball player.