TSN's volleyball overrides CFL!

This Saturday it appears that those of us with only TSN1 will be forced to miss live coverage of one and most of a second CFL game. Beach volleyball has bumped coverage to TSN3. How can the CFL have agreed to this? Can anything be done?

Yes, call your cable provider and get more TSN channels . :roll:

Last year had alot more issues with this not being broadcast nationally based on the some of the regional channels having different programming.

This year there are only a handful of games that have been bumped on some of the regional channels. So its gotten better.

TSN3 (Man/SK) channel had at quite a few games bumped last year, for NASCAR and primarily the Winnipeg Jets games. TSN3 prior to the 6 channel TSN was the Jets regional channel, so they have priority over the CFL.

What was silly last year, you would have either Winnipeg or Sask playing, and TSN3 would be the only channel not showing the game.

As stated, for $10 a month you can probably get all the TSN channels, so you don't miss out.

I knew "Just pay more" would be an answer. Not the one I was looking for. I think TSN has it's priorities mixed up, putting volleyball ahead of CFL.

Get all the TSN channels, how much more is it going to coast ? A few extra bucks . If that is making or breaking your financial situation? You shouldn't be owning a TV or having cable in the first place.

The whole point of having five channels is so they can show more than one thing at a time. Higher overall ratings if you can get both Football and Volleyball fans watching.

Why would they show the same sport on every channel? TSN came out with 4 more TSN channels a few years ago so they could show more sports. Before TSN2,3,4,5, CFL games would be pre-empted or delayed because of other sports going longer than scheduled.
TSN is a sports network and makes it's money through subscriptions and advertising.

Yes, big mistake giving the cfl to tsn, it should be put back with the CBC and expanded to provide more and better coverage and keep it CANADIAN.

Dear CBC, I know you don't bid for the rights to show the CFL anymore, but we would like to force our sports rights on you because some people hate TSN....


Not sure why that's funny, they're standard issue out here. TSN itself said when it launched TSN 3,4,5 that they were available free of charge to any provider already carrying TSN 1 (TSN 2 is weird for historical reasons).

If your TV provider feels like ripping you off by charging extra for what they get provided free of charge, might be time to get a different one. No reason the rest of the country should be forced to miss an event in order to have the same thing on four channels.

.....These cable companies are a bunch of crooks...Right from the fraudulent 'skinny package' on down...Someone said it's only 10 bucks to get all tsn channels...well that 10 bucks added to an already inflated bill is getting customers po'd...The way around it I suppose is to get the channels 2,3,4, and 5, then cancel them after the games are played... Nothing but junk and crap I'm not interested in on all of those extra tsn channels most of the time..Just bloody ridiculous and shaw and tsn are not doing themselves any favours in my household.. :thdn:...Beach volleyball for cripes sake....give your head a shake tsn..or have they and all they hear is money rolling around it.

How would that be any better? Wouldn't some people only have 1 CBC channel?

You make zero sense. CBC is getting out of sports. They were a joke when they covered the league. Only doing games half way through the season and not doing every game. TSN does every game !!!!! How can you argue with that??? They saved the league when it was in dire straights . They have pre game shows, weekly highlite shows and promote the CFL at every turn. They just made every team profitable with their last deal. Do you think CBC would give the league that kind of deal with public funds ????Then increase it again ? CBC was a joke and still is ! I have all 5 TSN channels, very simple process.

I’d like to subscribe, but they took it away from my BB10 device… :thdn:

According to my Shaw TV Guide a MLS game will be pre-empting the CFL game. The volleyball marathon will be interrupted so the Whitecaps MLS game can be televised in it's entirety starting at 1:00 pm, then TSN will switch to the final 2 hours of the RedBlacks vs Stamps game at 3:00 pm. The first CFL game of the day will not be televised, at least not on my TV. :frowning:

It's on 3,4 and 5 , no issues . :thup:

You mean he was serious? I read it as sarcasm.

It is crazy to sign up for 5 TSN stations.
Perhaps you might miss the odd game because of something stupid.
All games can be seen on the web stream.

Last year Tor was in Ssk and my local TSN was showing high school basketball from Croatia. :? :roll: :? :roll: :thdn: :thdn:
I just had to watch it on my computer.

BTW, I have TSN TSN 2 (for CFL back up and Aussie Footy), and TSN Classic ( for CFL retro ).

Here in the States,we will be receiving the CFL Friday night game, both Saturday afternoon games and Sunday 4:30 game on ESPN 3.
Since ESPN3 is a stream of TSN the CFL games will be Broadcast on TSN channels. According to TSN, Friday night game will be on TSN2, Saturday both games will be on TSN 3/4/5 and Sunday game will be on TSN1, TSN3 and TSN4.
I don't know how your Cable companies operate or how TSN may juggle channels in Canada but ESPN has verified that these CFL games will be broadcast/stream live on ESPN3.