TSNs Top 50 players in 2011...

...was bored at lunch so I played stat-man...


Total players overall in the Top 50 (# of players in brackets):

  1. Montreal (9)
  2. Toronto (8)
  3. Calgary/Winnipeg/Hamilton (7)
  4. Saskatchewan/BC (5)
  5. Edmonton (2)

Most players by rank grouping:

1-10 Calgary (3) Montreal/Hamilton (2) BC/Sask/Toronto (1)
11-20 BC/Winnipeg (2) Calgary/Edmonton/Sask/Montreal/Toronto/Hamilton (1)
21-30 Calgary/Montreal/Hamilton (2) Edmonton/BC/Toronto/Winnipeg (1)
31-40 Toronto (3) Montreal/Hamilton/Winnipeg (2) Sask (1)
41-50 Sask/Montreal/Tor/Winnipeg (2) Calgary/BC (1)

...yeah its a team sport, but having key good guys is important too...

...and if you want to play a game, try to guess the top 50 based on those numbers without looking at the TSN article...if you get them right jm02 will award you a prize....

was the list 'the top 50 players in the league' or 'top 50 of 2010'?
if its only 'top 50 of 2010', then it makes some sense, but if its the 'top 50 players in the league', then its a terrible list.

The only criteria was the player had to be playing in the league this year.

I thought it was the top 50 heading into the 2011 season, not based upon past achievements. I didn't have a lot of complaints about the list, considering they used certain criteria (everyone had to pick a certain number of O-lineman and defensive players).

A few players I'd move around in the rankings, but not many I think were omitted that were deserving.

....the 51st guy might disagree :lol:

...for arguments sake, here are a few 51st guys I can think of:

Aaron Hunt
Corey Mace
Charleston Hughes
Gene Makowsky
Chris Getzlaf
Ibrahim Khan
Dave Stala
Diamond Ferri

I'm actually surprized TO had as many as they did....and not totally surprized by Edmonton's participation....

Poor Edmonton. Never gets any respect. No All-Stars. Barely any Top 50 players. :cry:

That list is a farce at best.
It's really tough though to accurately rank players playing different positions in Football.

Who would you advocate for the list??

Jokes, man. :lol:

...never heard of him....

He was cut so they could add Damon Duval. :thdn:

Hey Chief; I can hardly wait for the Eskies at Roughriders game thread now. :slight_smile:

You just wanna see me lose my crap the first time he misses a field goal. :lol:

I've taped it and have to watch it. Any list like this will be controversial no question.

Lmfao :thup:

And Dont worry he'll probably get 2 tries at it anyways... :roll: