TSN's Top 50 CFL List thread


Doug Flutie has been chosen No. 1 player of all time according to the TSN Top 50 Players List. Congratulations to all the chosen ones!

Great Ticats listed include Garney Henley at #6, Hal Patterson (#13), John Barrow (#17), Tony Gabriel (eighteen), Less Browne (#23), Tommy Joe Coffey (#27), Grover Covington (twenty-eight), Angelo Mosca (#37), Matt Dunigan (thirty-eight), Joe Montford (#40), Terry Vaughn (#45), Tom Clements (#47), and Darren Flutie (#50).

Special mention to long-time Hamilton head coach Ron Lancaster, chosen #7 on the list for his career as QB with Ottawa and Saskatchewan.

Let the debates and reminiscing begin! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Timmy Coefield got shafted.

If it’s any consolation to Tim Cofield, on a Football Friday episode in October, Chris Schultz recently pegged him as the player that was the toughest guy to play against for him and whose play made it clear to Chris that the time to hang 'em up was nigh.

Tim was a force in the relatively brief time he was a Cat (1993-1994), winning all-Canadian honours both years at DE. A great player!

Oski Wee Wee,

Great to see Grover and Joe (my all-time favourite Cats) make the list. Too bad that Rocky and Ben didn't make it.

It’s very difficult to find fault with these selections. We certainly shouldn’t get into debating whether any one of them should be dropped from, say #23 to #31.
That’s just nitpicking.

The one that I looked for from the time they first announced the choices, was how they would handle Joe Krol. Now, Joe might not be a star if he were dropped into competition today. (I know he’s too old to play today, I mean dropped in in his prime.) I saw him, both with the Wildcats and with the Argos. He was THE outstanding player of his day, and in my opinion deserves to be chosen.

I think their choices are valid, but I do wonder,just a little.

But when I go over the list of selectors, I see only 7 or 8 who would have seen him play, and MAYBE another 5 or 6 possibles.

So, while I agree that he should be there, I have to wonder how they determined that to their own satisfaction.

Wilf, Krol did make the list in case you didn't see it -- #46 -- just ahead of Tom Clements.


I understand your comments re Krol. His contemporaries rave about his talent and impact upon his era.

Oski Wee Wee,

Doug was a Great Choice for 1

I did see that he was placed at number 46. I should have mentioned that.
What I was wondering was what basis they had for placing him anywhere on the list when they had not seen him play. Word of mouth?
Old records? How many of the selectors saw every one of those they voted for?
Again, I'm not debating the choices, just having a few questions in my mind about their criteria.

What a great list of players. Even the honorable mentions were fine players. This was a wonderful way to keep the names of these players alive. Even the more recent guys tend to get forgotten pretty quickly which is unfortunate.

Kudos to TSN and the CFL. Now if they'd only sell that book with all the players and their stats listed.

An Argo fan

Danny McManus did not make the list?

You're kidding right?

I have no real disputes with the selected players either, although to nit pick just a little, I thought Ben Zambiasi should have been in there somewhere and my personal selection for the #1 player would have been Garney Henley. He played longer than Flutie and was capable to be an all star in several positions. But that's just me.

Overall, I thought the selections were pretty good, while noting and agreeing with Wilf's question which points out that many of the selectors never saw some of the old timers play, so what criteria did they use in making their picks?

Danny Mac certainly deserved to be on the list and i`m very disapointed that he isnt .

I guess throwing for 50,000 yds must of been a fluke ??????

Hmmmm , Terry Vaughn is in the bottom of the list and Mervyn Fernandez is way ahead of him ?? Fernandez plays 83 games and he ranks in the top 50 of all time ??? Vaughn put up all the numbers and he isnt in the top 10 ???

How does Dunnigan rank in the top 50 and not Danny MAC ??? What kind of criteria are they using ???

Is Henry Aaron not the greatest home run hitter in MLB history or are they pro rating other players ahead of him now ???

are you guys kidding me, Danny mac is not in the same league as Dunigan. Way overrated. Without Darren to make him look good, he was not much. Mr INT all the way. It would have been a travesty to put him in the top 50.

So what does that make Ron Lancaster?

way better than DM

Danny McManus did not make the list?

You're kidding right?


As soon as I saw the list I knew the USUAL SUSPECTS would be here BEMOANING the EXCLUSION of D-Mac.

Finally, some PERSPECTIVE for all you disciples of the INT King ... not everybody SHARES your DISPROPORTIONATE LOVE for the guy ...


I was hoping the number one player would have been someone like Jackie Parker or Bernie Faloney ,the two best QB's Jim Hunt is quoted as saying he ever saw play....

Bear in mind the people voting ,like Chris Shultz have said that they never saw alot of these players play ,so that played into this as well.
They should have two catagories modern day #1 player Doug Flutie
Golden days best player Jackie Parker .

If you would like to see the ultimate in nitpicking, read Steve Simmons column in today's Toronto Sun. ( I would provide a link, if I knew how.)

Steve was one of the selectors, strange in itself, and his whole column is pointing out how his submitted list was so much better than the final result.
As if it matters whether George Reed and Jackie Parker should change places at #2 and #3.
His main point is that there will be arguments about the placings. Of course there will, if you let picayune differences take precedence.Why not just enjoy the list for what it is ...A testament to the memories of so many great players, regardless of team, position played, years in the league,etc.