TSN's "Top 10 Fancy Footwork moments"

Call me a homer, but how does some guy I've never heard of, who, on his first rush for the Minnesota Vikings, reeled off a 50-some-yard gain with only one shoe, get into TSN's "top 10 fancy footwork moments", but Doug Flutie scoring a touchdown with one shoe in the Western Final (much snow, might I add) doesn't even get a mention?

This is such an annoying time of year - right when the liiiiiitlest NFL thing gets more coverage than anything CFL. There's NFL news on guys I've never heard of, but for something in the CFL to be "worthy" of a report, it's gotta be either Ricky Ray or Dave Dickenson.

Do you see this? This is the world's smallest violin playing for Canucklehead-Kev. That'll happen. You must embrace it. Love it.

I'm guessing here, but wasn't the Flutie Flakesclip where he naked-bootleged out from the 5-10? He's too old to make the top 10 anyway.