TSN's Stroking of the Riders

I've been watching TSN's coverage of the Grey Cup festivities which began on Saturday and all the pregame stuff today. It's actually starting to get sickening with the constant talk about the Riders. Almost every feature and report is about the Riders. Hell you could actually tune in for a half an hour and not even know who the other team is the Riders are playing. Nobody is giving the Cats any chance at all. I half expect the league is just going to hand the Cup to the Riders after the national anthem.

Last week it was all about Ricky Ray and the Cats shut up the critics real quick. Let's hope they can do the same in Regina. Unfortunately, the national headlines would be about how the Riders lost. With all the adversity the Cats faced this year, winning the Cup this year would be the sweetest victory of all-time.


I'm hoping that the coverage in the states, I believe it's NBC sports network is actually commentated by their broadcasters so I don't have to listen to TSN and their obvious bias towards the Riders. I'd rather listen to NBC's errors and get a non bias commentated game than listen to The Riders, this and that.

I'm really looking forward to all the Ti-Cat's features coming up. If the 1st half of the pre-game coverage is all Riders, then the 2nd half has to be Ti-Cat's doesn't it?

Well you would hope so, but it is TSN, so…

It will likely be feature after feature of “Ricky Ray”

I must be watching a different pregame show. The game IS IN Regina so like any Grey Cup pregame a certain number of features are about what is going on in that city. As for stories about teams - about equal so far.

Love it, puts all the more pressure on them. We can sit in the bushes and pounce when the time is right.

Wow Tom Hanks - a Cat's fans.

Please explain, Tom Hanks?

Are you not watching TSN? They just had a rather lengthy interview with huge Cat fan Martin Short and Tom Hanks who are at the game with their sons. Tom Hanks said he’s been a Ti-Cat fan for years ever since Martin Short introduced him to Canadian football dating back to when Montreal were the Concordes. Then Hanks and Short turned and started shouting Oskee Wee Wee at the Rider fans behind the in stadium set they were at.

Tom Hanks was on the show for about 20 minutes and he is definitely a Ti-Cats fans. He turned around and was yapping at the Sask fans during his sessions.

That was the highlight of the pre-game show so far.

haha, that’s awesome, Hanks a Ticat fan!! I’m in the states so I’ll be watching the game on the NBC sports network. There is no TSN from where I’m at.

Tom Hanks also said he found the name "Tiger-Cats" fascinating before Martin Short went over the Oskeeweewee chant with him. Martin Short did a good job turning him into a Ticat fan. :slight_smile:

Tom was presented with a Tiger cat jersey that had his name on the back and was led in a cheer with Pigskin Pete.

coverage is one thing lets hope the striped shirt guys are fair

Well, the Riders got praised a lot by TSN, and tonight, I will say they earned it.

Congratulations, Saskatchewan. Enjoy the win.


Video of Tom Hanks at GC http://www.vancouversun.com/sports/grey ... KUw5ALgV5H

Too bad he got in the way in that picture of a real Tiger-Cat....Gabriel.

Martin Short’s expression in this picture epitomizes what cheering for this team has been like since '99. Still a great showing by the Cats this year. Too bad they couldn’t quite close the deal.