TSN's preseason power rankings

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/?fid=547&hubname=]http://www.tsn.ca/fantasy_news/feature/ ... 7&hubname=[/url]
  1. B.C.
  2. Calgary
  3. Toronto
  4. Saskatchewan
  5. Montreal
  6. Edmonton
  7. Hamilton
  8. Winnipeg

i saw these too...i think its really dumb to make power rankings after only one pre-season game....and give the #1 spot to a team that lost its only pre-season game....

LOL....the guy that put that crao together doesnt not know whats ehs talking about

edmonton 6th (real ranking 1st or2nd)

hamiltons 7th ( real ranking 3rd)

......not sure why BC would make #1 just because of DD....pretty tough for one man to win a game.....and what spark of life did TO show that garnered them third?.....oh well, it is preseason and really what did this writer have to work with....personally I would've expected this after the second PS games.....edmonton's spot I agree with :stuck_out_tongue: .....

lol Red ur asking for it LOL

if going on the first preseason game, it should look something like this:

Hamilton - won by 28 points
Saskatchewan - won by 6
Calgary - won by 3
Montreal - won by 1
Winnipeg - lost by 1
BC - lost by 3
Edmonton - lost by 6
Toronto - lost by 28 points

i woulda waited until after this weekend to make power rankings for real.

I said it last year and I will say it again this year. Power rankings are ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well, after seeing TSN's...your right!

I'm sure the preseason games didn't even factor into Cullen's equation when doing the rankings. Doing it after this week-end I'm sure he would have came up with the same order because he wouldn't have taken those games into consideration either.

He seems to be basing it off last year's records and how well teams have rosters stack up.

Agree or disagree with them it's meant to get people talking about the CFL, which he has accomplished.

tsn's power rankings seem more like predictions then actual power rankings.

PR's are supposed to be a reflection of standings, in game performance, and any streak the team is on.

I agree but preseason power rankings are the exception to that rule.

i guess.

BC is leading 35-13 at the half, maybe TSN knew something that we didnt, LOL.

....after seeing the first half tonight BC is perfectly fine at #1, and the stamps should be tied with Winnipeg....they stunk, absolutely stunk tonight, wet dog stink......

Its not getting a whole let better in the second half either eh red. 50-13 now

Its a good thing that this game is a pre-season game and doesnt count in the standings...

.....seriously, Higgins/Burratto/Creehan should call that so-called team together tomorrow and skid some top guys right there in front of the entire squad.....I don't think anyone, 'cept Copeland and maybe Anderson, should be too confident in their job security for the next week......

Like last year this guy has no clue.

And yet so many people agreed with him.

Toronto got a 31-3 football lesson from their eternal rivals and they are ranked 3rd... Someone at TSN might be the highest bidder on that Ricky Williams jersey auctionned on eBay...

And I thought that you agreed with his rankings last year. :lol:

You certainly argued that he was right in many of your posts.

He under ranked TORONTO many times last year. And picked Montreal first last year. You seemed to have had no problem with that. :lol:

And you also argued that the pre-season means nothing when MONTREAL where 0 and 2 in exhibition.

I don't agree with his rankings either , as I have written he has no clue.

I would have put HAMILTON 1st , the ARGOS , 5th over MONTREAL.