TSNs Power Ranking Week 6

...prizes will be awarded for Most Creative Complaint from a poster who's team deserves to be where they are....

  1. (1.) Montreal
  2. (5.) Hamilton
  3. (3.) Calgary
  4. (2.) Edmonton
  5. (8.) B.C.
  6. (4.) Saskatchewan
  7. (6.) Winnipeg
  8. (7.) Toronto

The only change I would make....my riders in position 8.....faithful fan for 41 years...love the riders, will always cheer for them...but man they are crappy this year....the rest of the rankings I would say are close except Edmonton should be ranked higher then the Stampeders. The stamps really fell apart in the second half against the lowly bombers...will the meltdown continue against Edmonton ????

Herman, no matter how frustrated you may be with the inconsistent play of your team to date. . . would you really rank them below that sad excuse for a football team in Toronto??

You are right…Toronto is a lot worse then the riders…just frustrated…

Saskie and my Cats play this Sunday, and the Riders actually worry me, especially playing in the watermelon paradise that is mosaic stadium.

I don't get how B.C. moves up so far beating a team that drops to 6th (Sask) in the loss, particularly given how sloppy the Lions played in the first half.

I think BC moved up that much because they don't have to play that good to be better then Ridrs or Argos....maybe not the bombers how they came on late in the calgary game.....

My rankings would be:

  1. (1.) Montreal
  2. (5.) Hamilton
  3. (2.) Edmonton
  4. (3.) Calgary
  5. (6.) Winnipeg
  6. (8.) B.C.
  7. (4.) Saskatchewan
  8. (7.) Toronto

I wouldn't be too worried if I were you.. all you have to do is hand the ball off to Cobb and watch him shed poor tackle after poor tackle...

...wait a second, how did you get a copy of the Calgary Defensive Playbook?!....

Pretty accurate, but did I read correctly? The Ti-cats are 4-2...the sky is falling!
Well it sure is good to see them doing well, they're fo real this year.