TSN's poll?

They (mostly Argo fans I bet)voted for Ricky Williams over Corey Holmes?


Lets examine, and see who gives more bang for the buck then.

Rushing.....ATT YDS TD LG
R. WILLIAMS 18 97 0 35 5.4 yards a carry
C. HOLMES 13 85 0 25 6.5 yards a carry

R. WILLIAMS 2 24 0 18
C. HOLMES 10 70 0 28

Kick Return
R. WILLIAMS 0 yards
C. Holmes 41 yards

Punt Return
R. WILLIAMS 0 yards
C. Homes 27 yards

All Purpose yards
R. WILLIAMS 121 yards
C. Homes 223 yards

Need I say more?

Which team won the game? That may have helped just a little.

And every one can vote , not just ARGO fans.

Holmes now plays for TO I believe, it's all start power, what are you going to do? :roll:

Hey I didn't even know about this poll. I didn't vote for any one.

I'd say the people who voted in that poll were mostly uninformed and ignorant individuals who chose Ricky Williams just because hes "Ricky Williams".


Well, the Argos won't go 18-0, but I'll bet Ricky Williams does. He'll be the star of the TSN poll every time the Argos play.

i can promise u the tabbies wont go 18-0.

how scared will ticat fans be if they drop the home opener to montreal?....start the year 0-2....hmmm

and after that, they play the stamps and the als and the stamps and the als....think of the possibilities...0-6?

HOW can that be Corey Holmes had proven to be a key asset to the Ticats.

but if they overuse corey holmes and dont use thier other assets, then that doesnt help…

they barely used vaughn, flick or cavil…

it was holmes all game, and once the argos figured that out, the tabbies were done.

He plays for Hamilton.