TSN's Off the Record

Today's show had the TSN CFL crew (Climie, Dunigan, Schultz and Randorf) as guests. Great show and it will be repeated around 3 AM or 4 AM. Worth recording it.

An Argo-Cat fan

Ugh. Landsberg and Dunigan on the same show? Won't they need a bigger studio to fit both their egos?

oh stuff it.

Black should stick to figure skating....he sucks at calling football...miscalls #2 as Terry Vaughn not Tony Miles...I liked Duane Ford at his old gig better, but geeez TSN has so many better play by play guys...Why Black???

Black isn't my idea of a Football anouncer ,just wait til you hear him call the Argos/Cats game....
Argos are his team,uggghhhhk!

black is the biggest joke in broadcasting. Last night he was questioning why they chose to take the point off the board and back montreal back on the 5 yard line. What a tool.