TSN's MOP candidates

An interesting list... I have to completely disagree with the Western candidates.


First, how can you have three players from one team? That makes no sense. And Henry Burris as the top candidate in the West? Why? Because the Stampeders are currently first, and he's the QB for that team? Please. Ricky Ray's stats are far superior to Burris', but even I don't think Ray is the MOP, and I'm an Eskimos fan. If there's one MOP candidate in Calgary, it's Jermaine Copeland. The guy is having a fantastic season. Hell, I'd even rank Reynolds over Burris just because he's consistent week after week and season after season, whereas Burris defines inconsistent.

Second, if they're going to nominate people with poor stats (Burris and Durant both have poor completion percentages and a lot of INTs), why not nominate Arkee Whitlock.

Waits for initial shock to subside

Yes, I know, the biggest Whitlock hater on the board, and he's nominating him for MOP. Think about it. This is his first season in the league, and even after that disastrous start against Montreal, he's still been able to succeed in this league.

Just looking at his last four games, he's averaging about 88 ypg, and he's scored 3 TDs, and only fumbled once. And these games were against tough defences. Whitlock has the chance to finally provide Edmonton with some stability at running back, something this team hasn't had in the last decade. Edmonton goes through running backs like Winnipeg goes through coaches.

Whitlock is projected to finish with 1,139 yards, and 10 TDs. Not to mention he's currently averaging 5.5 ypg. Not bad for a guy who had one of the worst starts ever.

...its an internet poll which pretty much guarentees Keith Shologan will win by a landslide...

ppfffft, any rider player they post on a poll would beat anybody, even if it was Jason Armstead's throwing skills vs. AC's. Armstead would win by a landslide lol. That being said, doesn't bother me cause Riders are my second favourite team :slight_smile:

Maybe that's why Durant is only an honourable mention... :lol:

Mallett may be our nomination bue he doesn't deserve MOP. Rookie of the year for sure, but not MOP. AC'll take taht yet again but, as always, be denyed the Grey Cup as we'll win it again in Calgary just like 2000! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

I believe that either Chick or Baggs should be our nomiee for MOP. Maybe nominate Baggs for MOP and Chick for top Canadian. Either of them would be deserving..

With the west totally out of control this year with basically no front runner at all, this is a very tough call. Ok, the east and the Als as they are, easier to say AC or whomever on that team but it's a bit of strange year, I like it but it's strange and interesting to see if the Cats or Bombers will assert themsevles as bona fid 2nd place finishers in the east.

Those are good nominees, but sadly, if Cameron Wake couldn't win the award, then I don't see how either of them could.

Oh, and I'd like to remove me nomination of Arkee Whitlock, and instead nominate Fred Stamps. He doesn't always have big games, but when he's on, he's one of the funnest players to watch.


At this point it's pretty much wrapped up for Calvillo IMO. Whoever the Western nominee is will likely be a running back or a receiver, nobody has played great at the QB position consistently this year in the West.

consistant qb in the west... well, everytime mass went in, he looked alright....

Unless there is dramatic change. Anthony Calvillo will walk away with this one. No one has been as consistantly dominant as he has this year. He is also rushing better than he has ever.


I'm a huge Alouettes fan, season ticket holder since 2003. I totally agree with you guys that AC has a great chance at this again. But what i'm wondering is why no love for Copeland? Ever since he left us I hated his guts, but we gotta give the guy credit. When people though he was washed up, he showed he can still play the game at a high level. Ever since Rambo got injured he really stepped up his game.

I think Copeland should definitely be the West's nominee.

I don't think we know who it will be yet. If Copes wins the receiving crown, maybe. But he could finish 4th or 5th or, so we need to wait and see.
Meanwhile, Mallet is on pace for about 1500 yards rushing and depending on where the two teams finish, he should get some votes. Stamps has been the guy in Edmonton, so is a contender. Dressler likely was the nod for the Riders, but if he misses the remainder of the year, it likely will be Durant, though either Chick or Baggs will get votes.
To often it is "The Most valuable QB Award" but this year, I don't think any of the West QBs have been consistent enough to win.

In the end, it'll be AC in a landslide though.

Mallett's putting up a lot of rushing yards, no question. My issue with him is he only has 5 TDs. Cobourne, Reid, Reynolds, Robertson, and Whitlock (yes, even Fumbles McGee) all have more TDs than him. Hell, even Burris has more rushing TDs. I'd like to see Mallett run a few more in.

Stamps is proving to be the number one guy in Edmonton, and you could certainly make a Top 10 highlight reel of just his catches this season... but he's also been a little inconsistent. One night he puts up 136 yards, and another night he puts up 16. Not to mention he was one of the guys dropping a lot of key passes when the offence was struggling for a month.

Copeland, with a good game tomorrow, could take back first in receiving, and he has 12 TDs. And I know Calgary's offence has been struggling, too... but looking at Copeland's stats, he's averaged 62 yards/game in his last three games.

That's why I think Copeland is the front runner for the West.

But I agree that AC will more than likely win it in a landslide. Does anyone know what the record is for most MOP awards won?

True but Whitlock as you noted doesn't have very sure hands. I'll take a RB that keeps the ball but gets a few less TDs as there are plenty of other players out there to score.

My pick is for Anthony Calvillo(sp?), unless someone here can give me a good reason why he shouldn't be, and winning it before doesn't count as a good reason.

I haven't been keeping up with the CFL a lot this season, been very busy, but what I have heard, AC is having a banner year, and his team is 11 and 2, plus his team has made 3 trips to the Grey Cup since 2004.

To me, it should be Copeland in the West vs. Cobourne in the East.