TSN's Loverage of the CFL

I'm sure that there will be those who will find detractors to TSN's coverage of our beloved sport, but I for one really enjoy listening to Kate and the boys.

Now that Don Cherry is gone, I find that the CFL is the one "break time" show for which my butt stays put - not the NHL, not the NBA, each of which pale in comparison to our TSN CFL panels.

It's not perfect of course, but I love the energy, passion and knowledge of Kate and the various panelists....makes me love our league even more. Kudos TSN for your support of our sport! Oh, and I'll dish some love to Rod, Suits and dear departed Chris Cuthbert.



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Lol, Dunigan's finest moment Tex?!


Must be. Sumpin I just found …

I have stopped watching both pre-game and half time. There is to much gimmicky stuff and not much real analysis of games.


A positive post… we need more of these. Too many negative waves…

Good...Now that Rod Black is gone, I listen with the sound again.

Good...I can watch every CFL game, not like the bad old CBC days where the league didn’t exist on tv before Labour Day, games were cut off before the end in order to air a movie rerun, and Xhris Walby made Glen Suitor sound like Socrates.

Good...The panel has a sense of humour. Love Kate trying to juggle the personalities and keep things under a semblance of order. (Usually. Sort of). It's fun to watch.

Bad...they still do those stupid booth interviews over top of the play.

Bad...weekend evening games. I'd like to see weekend games in the afternoon.

Critically important...without TSN, the league would die. No one else is falling over themselves for broadcast rights, and the network cheques keep the lights on.

Goods win over bads.

TSN is not perfect, but it's our best option. To people who want to move away from the network, I offer this caution... you don't know what you've got until it's gone.


Just please please please NO MORE of those mind numbingly bad random celebrity drop-ins during playoff games. They know nothing about football and suddenly their last hairdo gets more attention than what’s going on down on the field.

And yes… TSN is our best option right now. They help pay the bills and they seem to care way more about the CFL than the CBC did.


Walby would make anybody sound like Socrates. He couldn’t put together a phrase let alone a full sentence in proper english.

Yeah, I have no interest in the run-happy league, but a certain John Madden comes to mind when you speak in these terms. Lol!

I am not one of those that constantly criticizes TSN announcers ( other than not describing important plays ) and do think their positives outweigh the negatives. Even the NFL has some weak on air personalities as many of their long time famous announcers have retired or died, with Al Michaels next.

The only panel member that I don’t think adds anything is Sanchez and for several years I have missed the insightful comments and professionalism of Jock Climie. I also miss Chris Cuthbert. Dunigan is the football version of Don Cherry, without the racist comments.

Unlike you, I also like the NHL panel now that Don Cherry is gone. His Saturday Night Live skit persona every game wore thin with me in the 90’s and I was long tired of hearing about how hockey and indeed the world, would be great again if we all just lived by the AHL code of honour from the 1950’s.

I also noticed other persons referring to the annoying lengthy sideline and in booth interviews. I think those are almost unanimously hated. I don’t know if it’s my imagination, but it seems to me that they have cut back on the booth interviews and that the sideline interviews/babbling are shorter so as not to disrupt the game. Maybe someone has been listening. Now if they just trash those split screens where I can’t tell what is going on in either one I will be happy.

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Yes, totally agree with you on the split screens Jon, but not on Mr. Cherry. Ha, being a Leaf fan for many decades, well I did have that love affair with the Flames in the 80's, there were many Hockey Night In Canada Saturday nights when Don Cherry was an entertaining reprieve from some truly miserable hockey.


I thought he was entertaining for a while but that at some point thought he lost it. Howie Meeker disease. I just got tired of hearing about his brand of Code Red Justice and how the best parts of hockey were Canadian players and the Boston Bruins. His coaching legacy also turned out to be poor, perhaps losing a Cup for the infamous “6th man” episode (with apologies to Rider fans but this one was even more famous). Over the last several years he was on the air I just couldn’t stand what I considered to be his BS anymore and no longer watched him. He does love hockey and to each his own.

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I would literally tune in to watch Coaches Corner, then change channel.


I think you're right about him losing it at some point Jon and don't get me wrong there were things that I didn't like about the man, especially towards the end. Whether it was part of an act or not, him pushing Ron's hands away and, towards the end of his tenure, actually telling Ron to shut up were way overboard. So I think he did lose his composure towards the end, and yet Ron and he are still friends, but I think it was also hard for a man, not gifted with quick comebacks, to get his point across diplomatically in 5 minutes. Being someone who has processing issues, when it comes to understanding and formulating thoughts, I really sympathized with him in respect to his limited amount of time.

I'll probably get raked over the coals by some on this point, but I don't consider Don a racist and I don't think he does either. I think that Don was misunderstood, that CBC was looking for a way to turf him and that he was just too proud of a man to apologize. Was an apology warranted, absolutely, but these people don't wear poppy or whatever it was that he said, in my opinion, wasn't a man being blatantly racist, but rather a man who wanted everyone to acknowledge the sacrifices that were made in order to, not only make this country great, but to allow many other countries to maintain, or gain, their freedom.


I think the fact that he lost it at some point should have led to CBC not renewing his contract and him “retiring”.

I agree that the comments he made about the poppy in and of itself weren’t cause enough for dismissal, even though the Woke crowd may have had their feathers ruffled. Those comments weren’t necessarily racist as they were directed at all immigrants. But they were incredibly stupid as they assumed that all non immigrants wore poppies, just weren’t true and forgot the fact that every person in North America was descended from immigrants. Even the indigenous people came over from Asia and in that sense are immigrants themselves. It is a fact that North America wouldn’t be as economically successful as it had been without immigrants, not in spite of them, despite what boneheads like Cherry and orange orangutan man think.

I do believe he is a racist not as a result of that one comment, but rather as a result of other comments he has made consistently over the decades. He certainly has proven that you can make a lot of money even if you are stupid and have one never changing narrow view of the world.

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