TSN's Labour Classic draws 1.25 MILLION T.V. viewers.

WOW........those are NHL numbers......... :shock: :shock: :shock: :smiley:


TSN's most watched game in their history. :shock: :smiley:

Very impressive! Congrats to the CFL. It was a great game!!!

It was a great game and great for HAMILTON and the CFL.

KICK A**!!!!


Like I have been saying recently, the CFL is(has) been on an upswing for the last several years and this is no coincedence with the hiring of Commish TW. Now, with the TV numbers approaching hockey numbers and the production costs and NHL rights being considerably higher, will TSN be smart and start to negotiate with the CFL in this year 3 of 5 and sign same to a longer and more lucrative contract. Can you say $20M per year?

It will be allot more than that , I hope.The last one was 35 million.

The current contract calls for I believe $9 per year. I believe it was once in the 80's the highest contract was at $15 per year? Can someone confirm same? In anyevent, I think the starting point can be 5 years @ $20M per.

where would somebody find the tv ratingsโ€ฆso you could compare the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and the CFL in Canada???

what were the ratings for the otehr games this week ( calgary vs edmonton )???

cfl draws higher ratings, in canada, than nfl, nba, mlb!!!!.....i would imagine, more than tsn's non-leaf hockey games, cuz they show lots of meaningless american team games.

The CFL, TSN .........average is 414,000 per game.

The CBC.........is usually higher , except in this case.

THE JAYS average 230,000 per game

The RAPTORS average about 100,000 per game and the NFL averages 100,000 per game with the BILLS getting 200,000 per game.

THE CFL is only second to the NFL as CANADA's most watched sports.