TSN's Kick for a Million is Tonight! Halftime!

Will the guy make it?

does he have a chance?

Keep in mind, he'll be doing 4 kicks tonight. One each from the 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard lines. The one that everyone debates about is the 50-yarder. But I predict he'll probably nail the 20, and maybe the 30. But his leg will tap out on the 40 and the 50.

if it was me, I would soccer style the first 3, cause in my day I could make them, most of the time. Then I would take a 15 yard run and try to toe punch the 50 yarder. Never know, could get lucky and hit it dead on at full speed. Did that once when I was 12. Never again.

Personally, I’m glad they started giving the people $1,000 for each yard the ball travels. It was so anti-climatic before watching the people walk away with nothing. :lol:

Maybe they got a Baconator as a runner-up prize?
Paid out over 20 years in equal payments.

I just hope he doesn't Charlie Brown the big one.

missed from 20 and 40, made it from 30

I was a little nervous when he missed the 20. I was glad he made the 30. A nice new car. He missed the 50, but $36,000 is nothing to sneeze at.

One thing that always annoys me is how the guys never shut up. They always gotta give him instructions and remind him what he can win… drives me nuts. They need to shut up and let him concentrate. :lol:

I predicted he was going to miss to the left based on his initial stance on the 20

figured he would correct and make the 30

wasnt sure about the 40

predicted he would get about 35 on the last one.

Hey, a car and 35000 is nothing to sneeze at.

Its one thing to be able to kick good at the field down the street, another to do it in a stadium with a few thousand fans, not to mention the camara. Even though I could kick a 40 most of my life, I would probable choke and miss them all.

Goes to show how incredible it was that the one guy made the 50.

I know, right. You'd think if you're going for a 1 000 000$ field goal you don't want the crowd to make any noise.
Yet aside from never stop talking, they always encouraged more noise. Let him concentrate..

I guess you guys missed where he himself encouraged the crowd to make noise.

I was talking about the guys repeatedly talking as the guy was trying to line up for the kick. Maybe it's just me, but I'd find Dunigan reminding me that I can win a car incredibly distracting.

The 40 yard kick was too bad, he caught the tee and it went way wide. I always cheer for the guy to win, he had the line for the 50 but no distance.

My only question is, there is no rush, he has plenty of time, why would he only take a two step approach? I can understand on the short ones that he may be more accurate with 2 steps but on the longer ones, he would generate far more power with a 3 or 4 step approach.

Lucky guy, that's a pretty damn good day for anybody.

No kidding. I'd have loved the chance but who knows if I could have done any better :oops:

Exactly, I enter every year and think I wouldn’t do any better. More likely I would miss all of the kicks.

maybe what they should do is actually pick more people from each province.. have them battle it out in their own provinces first. then have a Western and Eastern Final and then have the big final.

we need someone who really has a chance.

the guy has no leg and you could tell.