TSN's Kate Beirness returns to host CFL Awards; tickets on-sale now

TORONTO — When the Canadian Football League (CFL) honours the season’s best performers on Thursday, November 17, a familiar face will headline the proceedings: TSN’s Kate Beirness. The fan-favourite host for the CFL ON TSN returns for a second-straight year after helming the event in Hamilton in 2021. Conexus Arts Centre in the heart of Regina will play host to the 2022 evening of celebration.

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Thanks for the warning.

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TSN panel needs to have an off-season combine so i can take Kates job. snort


Good for Beirness. She's great. Don't know why people don't like her, barring sexist reasons. I can't think of anyone who's better at running the TSN panel and keeping the conversation focused but relaxed.

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She doesnt bother me, unlike another member of the panel does.

I like Kate a lot. I think she's great at her job. She's not a football analyst, but she's not supposed to be.


Kate Beirness . . . .Well, Kate Beirness makes it real hard to watch any program she is on.

I don't mind Kate, at least she is a Canadian. As far as the TSN football panel goes, I am very tired of hearing southern American voices announcing our game - can't we find Canadians to do this?

Perhaps Tsn can find a way to put the awards on one of their five channels :man_shrugging:

Sorry, I know this is not related, but I don't know where else to ask this question... This year has once again shown the need to have a balance between the Eastern and Western Conferences - when will Halifax become a reality? We were so close just prior to the pandemic - is it still a viable team prospect?


Thanks for the link and info - here's hoping that it happens soon!

Once again, I apologize for talking off topic again - there should be a a spot on the CFL site for complaints. In this case it is about the coverage of the Hamilton and Calgary game on TSN. First the announcers had a hard time talking about the game to the point they were boring - don't they have to prepare talking points to keep their audience involved? All they talked about was how long it has been since the Cats won a game in Calgary - say it once, twice, but 50 times is over the top! Secondly. in the 4th quarter when the game was really close and exciting, they break for commercials and come back when Calgary were obviously stopped deep in Hamilton territory and were force to kick a field goal - the 1st and 2nd downs were completely missed! Also the camera work at times was not good - at one point when Calgary was kicking a field goal all we had to look at was a pole in the middle of the TV screen - you couldn't tell if the ball was wide or not after the kick. All in all, this was not a well covered game - I hope it improves for the play-offs! Onve again, sorry for taking this spot on the article.

I hear you. This is the main TSN bitching forum. What do you think is wrong with TSN and could be changed? - CFL Talk - CFL Forums
Makes for good reading about bad watching.

Thanks, I'll check it out!

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