TSN'S..... CFL preview tonight at 7pm

Lets see what they say about this year? :smiley:

I can’t see it, but I’m intrested, tell me all the juicy details after the show!

I have to go , but no problem…6:45 EST TIME :wink: :lol:

Of all the teams in the CFL only Montreal does NOT have Q.B. depth at back up. All the other teams do.According , TO THEM. I agree with that.

CHRIS S. [TSN] …picks MONTREAL to win the EAST and B.C. to win the WEST.

B.C. wins the GREY CUP…I don’t agree.

J. CLIMIE [TSN] …said the the ARGOS will win in the EAST and EDMONTON , will win in the WEST…could be…who knows.

ARGOS repeat. :smiley:

They should become posters like us…Their accuracy is about the same! LOL


gotta love dunnigan

Botton line is no-one knows for sure anything can happen and usually does

Gotta love the CFL eh!

well they had three questions bout th Rens i am concern with what the gieblermans will do with the Rens.

I think it’s goona be a fight for the frist in all divisions.

BC and Edmonton will be neck and neck all season, depending on QBs

Montreal could dominate the East again, but their loss to Ottawa in the pre season makes me think that they are going to have a hard time holding on to frist cuz Toronto will be licking at there feet all season.

So, these four teams have the best chace at the cup this year, but don’t count out Calgary and you never know what can happen with Hamliton, Winnipeg, or Saskatchewan. Ottawa is the team I hope makes the playoffs, but I don’t think it will happen this season, but their season is right around the conner, I can feel it!

So, in the end, my pick for the Grey Cup winner is still Montreal.

ALSO…they said from MONTREAL, that they hope to have 5,000 new seat for 2007 at McGILL.COOL!

Yup, but the deal is this: The Als need 27 M$ to put this project to work, and they have only 4 M$ to invest in it. The rest has to come from governments, they said.

The City of Montreal seems to love this project a lot and would probably join in. But the provincial and federal govs… I seriously doubt it.



$27 Million for 5,000 more seats? That can’t be right. Leave it the way it is if that’s the case.
That’s obscene.

I don’t doubt it personally, I think they will get it. The Als do a lot in the community and for the communtiy and it will be used for other purpose as well. the Als don’t own the stadium and Mcgill will have to let others use it.

The 27 mil id for more than just seats
Among the planned renovations that will bring stadium capacity to over 25,000 seats is the construction of a second deck on the south side (over 3,000 new seats), the construction of new stands on the east side (over 1,500 new seats), the construction of a permanent section in the east end zone (a few hundred new seats), and the construction of 20 permanent corporate loges which will bring the total of corporate loges to 30.

In addition to the expansion project, the organization is planning the construction of a new ticket office which will be completely integrated into the mountain. The addition of a wrought iron fence with brick columns running from the east entrance to the north secondary access will preserve the architectural integrity of the historic site, with the east entrance becoming the main stadium access. Also in the plans is the construction of a Builders’ Wall recognizing the generous private contributors who have aided in the project.

it’s for 5000 seats and 20 more luxery boxes and a new 2 mllion dollar scoreboard. Robert Wettenhall has been losing millions of his own money to keep the Als going, it’s time to make this finacially viable for the Als and Wettenhall and the City of Montreal benefits also. As does the 2 Gov’s in taxes.

I don’t see why they can’t jsut fix up the Big O and move the Al’s back in there.

That would cost allot more than 27 million…BUT …having special games there is cool…but in the CFL allot of the ticket gate goes to the CFL during the play offs…They should also have the final home game at the BIG O , so Montreal gets most of the money. :smiley:


It’s not only for 5000 seats, the will add corporate boxes, 27 if i’m right. They will also change the old scoreboard. If you ever been to Persival Molson and see that thing, you could almost call that Jurassic ! It’s small, ugly and when the action is on the other side, you see nothing.

Als Fan