TSN's CFL Power Rankings

Has anyone else checked out their first week power rankings?


I say:


I’d say, somebody stole your reading glasses then :twisted: :lol:

  1. how can you rate SSK at 5 when they were BLOW OUT of the water by BC

  2. EE looked horible agaist Calgary, never lead the game once, while the Blue almost beat Montreal untill the 4th breackdown

  3. Hamilton went down cuz of peanatnies they commented, no much else, their trouble will go away with time.

  4. Monteal almost lost to WPG

  5. Calgary play well in a diffecult game (weather), but EE came within an ear shot at beating them in the 4th

  6. TO played very well with out Allen, their start QB.

  7. BC dominated and got the most points in Week 1.

Um Kanga, Edmonton had some good offensive stats....they just turned the ball over. Saskatchewans offense moved the ball, it was their defense that was the problem.

Does not matter. Its like arguing who's dating the uglier sister.

I pretty much agree with TSN's rankings

Not saying i agree with the ratings but here is how you can justify them.

BC - biggest win of wk one
Calgary - D caused 7 turnovers and they won
Montreal - they won and no major injuries
TO - big win but they lost their starting QB, so they lose in the rankings. if Allen does get hurt they are ranked 2nd.
Sask - Offence wasnt bad, D needs some work but they did play the #1 offence.
Edmonton - almost won despite 7 turn overs, but still they had SEVEN turnovers
Hamilton - they never lead, Maas wasnt great and they lose their starting RB
Winnipeg - Couldnt beat Montreal when they were having an off game.

I agree with TSN's rankings completely, which is really rare.. and the reason TO is low is because Allen is out. I think it's fairly simple really.

I think the biggest difference is is that the TSN and most other power rankings are predicting for the week 2 and long term (hence why TO is lower, cuz of Allen), mine, on the other hand, is a short report on the teams just on week 1 and doesn't forecast what will happen in week 2.

Nice really nice

week 1 Winnipeg in the basement again :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hmmm they have the same record as four three other teams it is a bit early for basement talk do you not think. Dam did I jsut stick up for the Bombers must of bumped my head or something Hank, Pappa and Piggy do something! :lol: :lol:

sorry to burst ur bubble…but edmonton did lead 14-10 rite?..all i have to say…i dont care about rankings cuz there so biased…but it is nice to see ur team at the top

Agreed or disagree there wre some teams that came out flat.....Certainly i expect Bombers,Ticats and Riders along with the Eskies to come out on top.

That's because you're insane. Ticats and Eskies I can see being competitive down the stretch.. I think the roughies made a couple big mistakes in the dispersal draft.. but time will tell.. and the bombers? Come on now.

REMEMBER! its only week one..some teams have players that are playing together for the first time...especially the bombers D, and they played an awsome game, and after week 1 apparently have the best defence(just what evryone on here is sayin) and our offence has 2 starting rookie receivers, and 3 that hit the field a game when u include arjei franklin..after about weeks 5 or 6 i think the bombers will doin just fine, and theyll have a season like calgary did last year

I don't know how giving up 27 points gives you the best D. We gave up 14 and created SEVEN turnovers. I guess time will tell, but I just don't think Glenn is the answer at QB, and although your defence may turn out to be quite good, I don't think it'll be enough to get past TO, Montreal.. or Hamilton.

Kevin Glenn is your typical Rider produced qb.....keep it simple and dont ask him to do too much and he is just fine....ask him to put the weight of the team on his shoulders and your cooked......fortunately he is only 27 years old and if anyone can reclaim him, Berry can.....

So Khari overachieved when he had his good years there?? :stuck_out_tongue: