TSN's CFL Power Rankings

Have you seen the rankings yet? What do you think?

I think they're just too giddy that they got "The Hockey Song" to bother thinking this through clearly...

  1. Toronto Argonauts
  2. BC Lions
  3. Montreal Alouettes
  4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  5. Calgary Stampeders
  6. Edmonton Eskimos
  7. Saskatchewan Roughriders
  8. Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Switch BC and Toronto and Montreal and Winnipeg then Montreal and Calgary.


How do you rank the defending champs below the 5-12-1 Eskimos? Someone was hitting the pipe a little too hard over at TSN HQ. Terrible rankings.

That was my thought exactly. I know that the Toronto Sports Network will always rank the Laffs and the Arseholes #1 until the end of every season, but gimme a break....they rank the Riders behind the Eskimos???? Ouch.....

I thought Saskatchewan was a little high too but Im giving them the benefit of doubt on that one.

I have always thought power rankings were silly but to rank them before the hae even played a preseason game is ridiculous, not to mention pointless at anytime.

Just my opinion
carry on

Quoted for truth.

Ridiculous, Ticats bottom this year, don't think so and Alouettes 3rd, no way.

ok preseason says nothing last year the bomber slost both preseason to hamilton and went to the gre cup. i think ssk deserves a higher ranking because of the gc title last year but they lost 3 big names on the field and 1 on the side line and the will stuggle.

if you ask me rankings should look like this

1 ) Winnipeg - gc finalists same core of star players, probably top defensive front in cfl, top 3 receiving corps
2 ) BC - always a strong defence and although injury prone good qb's, top 3 receiving corps
3 ) Toronto - good move to get joseph, as strong as last year which was number 1 in the east.
4 ) Calgary - Had a pretty good off season, good qb's and recievers (top 3 corps in cfl)
5 ) Saskatchewan - Although losing players they won the gc with key injuries
6 ) Edmonton - set to go in qb's, special teams is set up great with kickers
7 ) Hamilton - good qb's, lumsden is a top rb if healthy, got a few games breakers.
8 ) Montreal - Harsh ranking yes, cavillo is stilla good qb, but unexperienced coaching staff may hurt dearly

TSN rankings are just an opinion. Same as Turkeybend's.

Hey, wait a minute.....

I wonder if Chris Schultz is really Turkeybend?

I would drop Montreal down significantly. The rest are okay. I think Montreal, Edmonton and Saskatchewan are to close to really call this year.

Those rankings are a little better, Football.

I go a little different...


I think that's way more realistic.

Just out of curiosity, why do people have Montreal so high? :expressionless:

I'm trying to figure out why everybody has Montreal so low!

Aging QB, new head coach... just a couple reasons off the top of my head. And they did finish 8-10 last year, and were swept in the back-to-back by Edmonton. :lol:

Well, our rookies looked good against the "#1 Argos"

Can't wait to see what our vets can do now.

The big 2 in pre-season have to be BC and Winnipeg, order them how you wish. Next is the middle 3 - Toronto, Calgary and Sask, probably in that order, and then the bottom 3, Hamilton, Edmonton and Montreal. You can make a case for almost any ordering of the final 3, except Montreal being the best of that bunch - right now, I don’t see it.

Any time a championship team can come into the next season as the underdog, it’s a bonus. You’ve sold us short so far Canada, lets hope you continue to do so as the year goes on and we quietly remind everyone why, when all is said and done, we are the class of this league again in 08’!