TSN's CFL page is truly out of control

I don't know how many of you have participated in the comments sections of TSN articles, but the place is a rats nest of hatred and very inapropriate posts. In particular by a rider fan poster by the name of "uncle nic".

The guy has posted comments along the line of "I do miss Fantuz and Austin... every time I shoot at them"

The bigger concern is that the TSN comment moderators allow these posts and not perfectly reasoned retorts that don't even contain a hint of an insult to "uncle nic".

So these are essentially TSN's fan expression morality guidelines:

  1. Blind hatred and even hints of death threats on coaches or players are perfectly fine

  2. Well reasoned and non-personal non-insulting retorts to this hatred is prohibited

This all causes me to feel so disgusted that I may never watch TSN again and just live off radio broadcasts for road games.

You should be ashamed of yourself TSN.

That’s all comments sections for news articles.

I don’t understand why news orgs have comment sections.

Relax and breathe ...nobody died. First off not sure why this concerns this CFL.CA.?? Take it up with TSN! All the blame goes to the idiot posters , they look like idiots and their words are there for all to see. Your never watching TSN again is a bit much. If it wasn't for TSN , there would be no CFL. Just gave all the clubs record TV money. Just a hint, if this has you this upset..........DON'T WATCH ANY TV AFTER 9PM ,or you will have to renounce all TV :smiley:

I have to agree with Kasps on this. The only people who look bad are the juvenile posters. It’s no reflection on TSN whatsoever.

Better idea: don't go to TSN.ca.

If Randolf and Climie start talking like that on broadcasts, THEN give up on the TV channel.

What I don't understand is why TSN has moderators, given what a lousy job they do of it.

CBC does the same thing on their stories, only they're not nearly as inconsistent at letting total nonsense through while blocking things that should be fine.

But I do agree, TSN.ca is pretty terrible for this.

I actually had messaged CBC several times about their website as almost all of my comments are deleted right away. I've never posted anything with swearing or anything wrong but they just simply will not allow any of my posts. I was even trying to talk about the new XBOX the other day and nope somehow that's not allowed on an article about an xbox. I actually messaged them in 2006 and nothing was ever done about it. I've tried posting recently and they still won't allow any of my comments. It really puzzles me. Isn't that my tax money that went into that site?

over react much?

Forums are not subject to freedom of speech or democratic principles - they are subject to the whim of the owners. I think you have to differentiate between redneck fail humor and legitimate criminal intent. If you where to call the police and lay a complaint it would not proceed as the intent is clearly off dark humor and not an actual threat.

Also like I said above - any forum is subject to the political/social leanings of the owners - at the end of the day the only real thing you can do is move on or get a large group of friends to post with you to establish a new forum standard.

If political correctness ruled the day I would hate to think what would happen to the Banjo Bowl rhetoric that we all love. It may not be politically correct to imply that Bomber fans are inbred hicks with few teeth but by golly it sure is fun lol

Yeah, I stopped posting there because I would post something clearly not offensive like:
'great game, both offences were sharp and SOMEGUYHERE was a threat each time he got the ball.'
...very general comments would not be posted for some reason, yet the whole board is like 50% BS. Even if your post did go up it might take 2 minutes it might take 12 hours.
I liked the thumbs up/down, other than that it is just horrid.

The issue I have with TSN,is very bad anti CFL posts are allowed to stay, even stupid ones. The best is "what's the CFL" or the CFL is minor league. I would go to the TSN, NFL site and try to post." what's the NFL and the NFL is minor league. It never got posted once. Tried at least 30 times over 6 months, but the same comments get on the CFL site of TSN everytime

Do we not have a guy here called "Als Rule", that is not allowed to post in this forum section yet can post in the general article section? At least that is what someone post a couple of years ago?

I guess I'm saying it happens every where how do you police it? Some people are more tolerant than others.

You mean they are not??? :smiley:

What? Someone is making rude and offensive comments on the internet?! What has this world come to.

Here is a perfect example...
this guy makes this post and has a negative triple digit thumbing.
I make a post along the line of:
@seahawksfan - you can't be serious??? He 2-handed Sheets' helmet and attempted twisting it off while he was on the way both down and out of bounds

Of course, tat was not allowed through...what a joke.

seahawksfan 1 day ago

Three phantom calls against the Ti-Cats when the game was close. It's funny when the announcers can't even see the penalties after watching the plays in slow motion. Seems the league would like a sold out Grey Cup game in Regina this year. The pass interference call on Simon's touchdown was hilarious. The roughing call when Sheets was tackled high was another good one! More than twice the number of penalties called on Hamilton that on Saskatchewan. Enough said. Report this comment!