TSN's CFL page is truly out of control

I don't know how many of you have participated in the comments sections of TSN articles, but the place is a rats nest of hatred and very inapropriate posts. In particular by a rider fan poster by the name of "uncle nic".

The guy has posted comments along the line of "I do miss Fantuz and Austin... every time I shoot at them"

The bigger concern is that the TSN comment moderators allow these posts and not perfectly reasoned retorts that don't even contain a hint of an insult to "uncle nic".

So these are essentially TSN's fan expression morality guidelines:

  1. Blind hatred and even hints of death threats on coaches or players are perfectly fine

  2. Well reasoned and non-personal non-insulting retorts to this hatred is prohibited

This all causes me to feel so disgusted that I may never watch TSN again and just live off radio broadcasts for road games.

You should be ashamed of yourself TSN.

I'm sure they have someone to complain to....

I quit reading the comments a couple of years ago over a similar (but less serious) issue: the way TSN would allow all sorts of mindless CFL-bashing in comments on CFL stories, but often reject pro-CFL rebuttals. Weird, given their official relationship with the CFL.

This is what TSN sez:


Q I have submitted a comment but its not showing up. Why?

[i]Every comment submitted via the Your Call feature must be edited for content. While there are clear guidelines as to what is and is not acceptable when it comes to these comments, each moderator is also free to accept or reject any comment at his/her discretion.

We receive a large number of comments through the Your Call feature, and while we encourage comments which spark debate, we often get comments that do not add to the spirit of the discussion, go off on unrelated tangents, or simply echo the feelings of another person, which could be another reason why your comment was not accepted.

We do not post Your Call comments which are slanderous, contain swearing, or inappropriate comments, or get submitted through an innappropriate username.

The moderators retain the right to close comments when they feel the thread is becoming overwhelming.... "
So....I suspect one of three things is happening...

1/ the site is monitored to reflect where the greatest positive feedback is -- ie Uncle Nick is from Regina.. Saskatchewan is doing well this year. and the ratings in that province are through the roof as are royalties and advertising.. ergo....the corporate position.... leave it alone because TSN is doing all right
2/ the site is irregularly 'monitored' by an unpaid co op student what they generously call 'interns'...
3/ its monitored 'off shore' in enemy territory from a top secret listening post on the Toronto Islands


a. Take it on the chin.. and do nothing
b Email a complaint- which I guarantee will never get answered
c Get everyone on our blog on the TSN site and start verbally countering Uncle Nic and see how long he lasts

8) :cowboy:

As a long-time Rider fan it angers me no end when ash-hole idiots like uncle nic get away such virulent garbage. He brings nothing but shame to the Rider name.