Is it just me or the tsn pannel hate the ti-cats? I have noticed when we are winning the dont seem to give the cats any credit.

You are partly right... the only one on the panel that has anything positive to say about the Cats at times is Dunigan. The rest of the guys NEVER see much, or say much, in a good light, about Hamiltion.

It appears to me that their job is to play "smart cop" "dumb cop," and neither of them care which role they get to play. I'd like to see a little more heated disagreement among them to the point of some chair tossing and on stage tackling.

The panel is honest. They have watched all the games. Climie provides an honest assessment. It’s the play by play yo-yo’s that have the negative bias. Rod Black can fill buckets with his “no s*&t” comments, and Leif…
Consider watching the game with TV sound off and CHML on the radio, or to mix it up with online stream of opposition radio broadcast.

That's exactly why I watch TSN. Their fair and unbiased support of the other team.

What I didn't like about TSN last night, even though it was a "technical problem" (much like the video replay situation was) TSN lost their feed late in the game.

Good thing I was listening to CHML and watching TSN. Other wise I would have totally missed from 2:32 all the way down to 1:09 left in the game. That is 1:23 of the game that was not shown.

I have no problems with the panel, although Climie gets on my nerves. it’s important to have some creative tension in those contexts to ensure that the conversation is lively. I agree that Dunigan is generally the most positive towards the Cats, but I think that is due to him having being one and also knowing the challenges that a head coach has when preparing his team for a game.

TSN still runs circles around how CBC covers a game, but I digress… :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I think their coverage is great. The panel is knowledgeable , especially Dunigan and Shultz. With Brian Williams on board for special features, they offer a good telecast. As far as the technical difficulty, was it a technical problem or did they just decide to switch to the late game because this one was decided?

I have a couple problems with TSN's treatment of the Tiger-Cats, and Hamilton as a city.

  1. During all pregame shows they devote way more time to the opposition. At one point, with a few minutes before kickoff, one of them said 'after the commercial we'll talk about Hamilton, yes, there is another team playing tonight'. It drives me crazy, week in and week out.

  2. Whenever the games are in Hamilton, have you seen any shots of our harbour, Gore Park, view from the escarpment, etc. before/after commercials? I sure as heck haven't.

In fact, a few weeks ago, the game was in Hamilton and they were showing live shots from Vancouver where the late game was being played. It's little things like this that adds to misperceptions of our city.

Whenever the games are in Hamilton, have you seen any shots of our harbour, Gore Park, view from the escarpment, etc. before/after commercials? I sure as heck haven't.
This is a great complaint. All we ever see is shots of the steel mills. This is something both Bob Young and the City of Hamilton should both get after the networks.

The Cats reasons would be that other players might not want to come here if all they see is dirty looking steel mills all the time.

The City should get involved because it casts a negative light on the city. There's no wonder why out-of-towners think Hamilton is a dirty city. All they ever see of it is the mills. (Personally when I see the mills I think of all the jobs there and the fact that most cities have heavy industry sections of their city.)

Televised games can be a great way to advertise the city. Maybe if we had some shots of the nice places in town we might get some tourists coming here. Maybe city hall should invest in some tourism Hamilton commercials during Cats games.

Will you Ti-cat fans ever stop looking for something to complain about?

Maybe its just me, but I've seen sailboats in the harbour, and nice view of the cityscape from Sam Lawrence Park(at the top of the Jolley Cut) and even the Skyway Bridge.

8) Perhaps they should give everyone a view of beautiful downtown Hamilton, along with all the empty, decaying stores, most specifically the beautiful, graffiti adorned Lister Block !!!! Postcard type images for sure !!!!! :lol: :wink:

Sec 23 ;

Good idea !
How obvious!

I mean we have sailboats on moorings at Laselle Park and numerous yacht clubs on the bay to show in pre game.
When they go to Vancouver they show anchored sailboats not far from BC Place .Nice shot and good impression of Vancouver given.

Yes ,show us a sailboat anchored out by the botanical gardens or just a shot of the bay boats in general.That might mean more work for TSN,come on you can swing it .!

The best the city has ever looked on TV was the World Cycling Championships. That took place over several days. I suspect most journalists come into town over the Skyway, work the game, and then head back to Toronto. All they see is the mill and Barton Street (not that there's anything wrong with that ...) Instead of complaining about how they perceive the city, maybe someone should treat them to two nights at a good hotel, visits to noteworthy sites, and a good meal or six.

To my mind, the TSN panel gets better every year. Schultz in particular seems to work very hard at it; his comments tend to be quite thoughtful. I might not agree with him all the time, but he's not one to spout off the top of his head. Why the dislike of Climie? Can't figure that out. And I must say, Randorph's suit looked great on Friday -- jet black with a bold black and gold tie ... Lancaster should look so good on the sidelines.

I think there is a CFL memo that all coaches must adhere to wearing Reebok sideline apparel for all CFL games -- I recall that when Don Matthews had his citizenship ceremony at the Big O regular season game two years ago, the league okayed him wearing his formal duds for that occasion.

Oski Wee Wee,

So I wonder, is there anything we can do as a club to promote our fine city on TSN? Bob--is there anyone on your team who can look into this?

I agree with properly promoting the city. You always see the scenes in other towns when comming back from a commercial break. The nightlife in Montreal always seems to be captured in that drive-by shot similar to those they do in NHL cities for HNIC. Why hasnt a quick pan through Hess been shown on TSN when comming back from commercial break for Friday Night Football?

I enjoy TSN's overall coverage. Yes I do think that there is bias against Hamilton more-so from the colour commentators and especially from Glen Suitor. I don't get the same impression from the panel & play by play guys.

CBC should drop their sports coverage outside of amatuer sports & HNIC. It amazes me how they piece together such a seamless hockey telecast but completely butcher football.

What kind of cheese do you guys want with all your whine?

This poor ol' Hamilton; everyone's out to get us, chip on your shoulder is really pathetic.

Even though I've always inhabited the south stands, on the rare occasion I go over to the north stands to visit with someome, I am always taken aback by the fantastic view of the stadium, the city and the Niagara Escarpment beyond, from the top of the north stands. I think it would be neat if the TV crews could occasionally take a hand-held camera up there and show the rest of Canada what Hamilton really looks like.

Even though we have some rough areas, in general, Hamilton really is a beautiful city......and the view from the monutain is very unique and spectacular.