Can someone please start a compaign to have TSN cease and desist with the Safeway contest winner that covers up half the friggen screen on kickoff returns after touchdowns. It's ridiculous!!! Certainly they can make an arrangement to show the the winner when the teams are lined up waiting to kick or something as opposed during the actual play.

nah, it's only up for a few seconds, it's ok.

but I must say to TSN, "Welcome to the 21st century!" cuz their new sudio and set up is awesome!!! WAY TO GO!!! LONG LIVE THE CFL!!!

Hey, Safeway pays to have it there...Shall we ask them to raise the subscription rates to cover the lost revenue? :wink:

Then they should thighten the image instead of covering a part of it with the ad.

Marty York agrees with me. I'm not sure if that improves my case or not ..........

Around here, Marty York is not necessarily the source of “factual reporting.” You’d probably be better at having Schultz or Walby agree with you. :lol:

You would have a better chance with Don Cherry of "factual reporting" than York , Schultz or Walby

What? Not Rick Mercer? :lol:

I LOVE the CFL on TSN. Great production and amazing staff. They added Cuthbert and now there are leagues ahead of CBC and RDS!

Besides...I want to know if I won something cool! :wink:

That means that you have a 99% chance of being wrong but the upside is if you are right youll get to brag relentlessly