Tsn opens with Michigan vs Ohio on the day of a great Vander cup..sad

Sorry Vanier cup

I guess you didn't realize that SportsNet has the broadcast rights to the USports football championship games (last weekend and today). Of course, a tiny bit of research would have made that fact obvious - even to you...

Even you should realize that I was referring to sports center.tsn did not have the rights to Michvs Ohio eitherhow petty grow up

Really should have said Sportscentre, I was thinking the same thing as DCF. Having said that, NCAA football is more popular than CIS football in Southern Ontario. I guess the Vanier could have been 1st. That OSU/Michigan game was a classic.

Agreed but both games were great and one was a national championship

Ratings > all. No matter what, Michigan/OSU was going to draw better.

I doubt that sport center ratings hinge on what they open with

Why did TSN broadcast an NCAA game the night of the CFL Awards? I want to see the awards show & the "official broadcaster of the CFL" never televises it. So, they ignore the awards but give us 8 hours of pre game Grey Cup coverage???? Who is going to sit in front of their TV sets for 8 hours before the Grey Cup game? TSN just isn't good enough & I hope when the tv contract is up that they have some competition.

Only issue is that the sports broadcasting landscape in Canada is much like the American political system, you've got two options and if you don't like those good luck finding a true viable option.

I feel like Rogers and Sportsnet have zero interest in bidding at this point in time, and if they did they'd have to collectively eat a lot of crow as a company which I doubt they are prepared to do. They've done a lot to damage the product and now they are going to buy it?

CFL is in a weird place, TSN is their best and essentially only option, which leaves room for TSN to get lazy if they want to because they know Sportsnet likely won't challenge them.

For video game people, sort of like when the NFL sold exclusive rights to EA Sports, thus eliminating all competition in the market aka 2K Sports. So EA was now able to get lazy knowing they had no competition in the market place and the product showed that. Obviously different because Sportsnet can bid if they choose, but who actually can see that happening and then them taking it more seriously than TSN does with all their Jays and NHL coverage?

It was a bit puzzling to me that Sportsnet wanted the U Sports rights but since they've gotten them they really have done a half assed job of promoting the game. CFL and U Sports football rights should belong to the same broadcaster who can use the products to compliment one another, I truly think Rogers bought the contract just so TSN couldn't.

If Rogers cared about Canadian Football, then our university regular season games would be telecast, since Rogers owns the rights. The CFL is regularly trashed on Sportsnet by the likes of Arash Madani. John Shannon seems to be the lone defender of the Canadian league.

Without TSN, the CFL and Canadian football would be dead. Fans should be supporting TSN! Let Rogers cover soccer, tennis, etc. ! :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy looking forward to the CFL Draft)

I agree that in many ways TSN has saved the CFL (Friday Night Football comes to mind for example). However, the coverage could use a shake-up.

For example, I'm not sure why when someone is hired by the network they seem to have a job for life? That seems to be the m.o. for the U.S. broadcasters but why imitate?

I'd like to see some recent players on the broadcast. Maybe for a season or two and then find someone new fresh from the game.

If attracting young fans is the goal how does a crew of 40 and 50 year old broadcasters help?

It's a numbers game. Sorry to say, but nobody wants to watch the CFL awards. It would probably be the lowest rated broadcast TSN did all year.