A suggestion for TSN that even Sask fans could support. Show stats for passes thrown out of bounds to avoid a sack by each team during the season. I'm sure Sask fans would support this as they'd be leading the league in yet another category.

TSB also needs to remember they are Canadian. They couldn't wait to switch over to the NFL highlights once the game ended. I personally would have like to see them present the Banjo Bowl Trophy. they have 7 or 8 hours to show the NFL highlights for god sake. If it was a game I could understand but highlights, give us a break.

Be careful. I mentioned that when they cut from the game even before the coaches could meet up for the post game hand shake just to get to a NASCAR pre race show and was soundly thumped for not realizing TSN is a business.

I'm with you, it's disrespectful especially when TSN has delayed going to a CFL game that has already started to show post round golf interviews. Happened this season. TSN has no competition for the contract so they can do whatever they want without fear of the losing it.

I backed you back then dc!! I will again!! SUPPORT THE CFL!!

With you 100% as well.

Yeah, no kidding. Their top story on their homepage is the 49ers win which has six user comments. The Banjo Bowl has 156 comments, so obviously people care about that game more.

I was watching that 49’ers vs Packers game for the first half then started watching the Banjo Bowl thinking it was going to be a blow out boy was I surprised when I tuned in I never switched back CFL rocks !!!
I never like to criticize TSN they do a steller job and have brought the CFL back to popularity so some of the shortcomings they have are fine with me but I it would be nice to catch some post game comments although now most post game interviews have become very standardized.

I have no problem when they are going to a live event that has already started, but yesterday and at least one other time they cut away within seconds of the final gun to go to non event programming (NASCAR pre race and NFL highlights). That's what I have issue with.

I guess we need to see what happens when an NFL game is before a CFL game. Do they cut away right away if it happens to go right up against it? Would they even air a game that might possibly overlap the CFL game? If they do this then its pretty bogus.

I really don’t like how they do cut away so fast, I have noticed that too and I think we have a really good half time team with Chris Schultz Matt Dunigan, Stegall and all that and It would be really good to even see some more of the Coach there at the end of the game. They put on a great show and deserve to send off the show.

They always used to bump things over to TSN2 I think they should do that with their NFL games until the CFL game is done its post game. Clearly the ratings speak a difference too, I’d love to see how the CFL rocked the NFL game on TSN in TV ratings that night, can anybody get there hands on those ratings?

Not so sure that will happen the way the schedule is set up.