Just a couple comments about TSN.

  1. I hate the Nissan Drive to Support your team. The people on there making the cheers look so lame. Half of them don't even look like their heart is in it. And the person doing the Rider cheer looks like some alien from a 1950's B movie.

  2. Love Matt Devlin calling the games. That being said...I guess anyone would be a step up on Rod Black. Hell....I'd have Marcel Marceau call a game rather than Rod Black. But as I said...I do like this Matt Devlin game calling.

I totally agree with you Wallace!! Its a complete joke!! See how that clown did the Oskee Wee Wee chant!! He couldn't even get the words right...... "holy mac-in-raw"... please! Save yourself anymore embarrassment and sit down before you hurt yourself... :roll:
Our team lost so much respect around the league from that single t.v. spot!! Thanks Nissan, Im goin out tomorrow and buying a Honda
Just sayin... And no disrespect to the that Ticats fan if he really is one...

Yeah, those fan things are pretty embarrassing.

So is the new Friday Night Football song. Pretty damn terrible.

Every year, there's one particular commercial spot that we all hate.

This year, that's the one !!

Yea what's with the boring "chants" by these people, it's like they are not interested, a half assed attempt!!

and what's with the "GO ________your team_______GO" isn't that chant getting a little lame at Canadian Sports events???? Is that the best we can do in Canada? at least no other team uses Oskee we we.

I don't mind them so much. The ones that bother me the most are the Rona commercials. Every time one comes on I have to turn the sound down.

Overall, I like TSN's broadcasts. Miss the likes of Chevrier and Marsen though. I'd almost swear that there was a lack of instant replays during the Ham vs Sask game. A few times after penalties, and several times after certain plays that should have, didn't have replays. Never stood out to me before like that.

That's when it pays to pvr the game. You can watch the same play over and over (pretending you're Jake Ireland during a coach's challenge).


Just remember to go back to live afterwards, especially if you're following along on the game day thread. "Great sack? What sack? I didn't see a sack. Oh that sack."

I think that this is the first thread I have ever read and agree with every post so far lol.

Ya the people on the Nissan cheer usually suck but you do realize anyone can go onto the site and upload there own video. If you don't like the ticat one go do a better one and it might get picked for the next game...