I thought TSN did a terrific job yesterday. Great production values in the pre game hours and during the game. Just top notch , rivalling any sporting event.
They spent a great deal of money in the pre game features highlighting some new and old faces.
They really stepped up.

TSN constantly impresses me with out much they seem dedicated to Canadian Football. I mean, the Argos documentary, the John Candy Documentary and now a 100th Grey Cup documentary plus all of the TSN top 10 shows. Not to mention the excellent coverage they gave the CIS this year. It would be awesome if more of the CIS season was on TSN2. I've watched a couple MAC games on Cable 14 in Hamilton and the production is awful.

Agreed 100%. They did a fantastic job with the Grey Cup and due to the new BC Place they can do a lot of things they can't do elsewhere. Every game at BC place this year has been superior in production.

My only complaint is I which they could concentrate a minimal amount of effort to do a proper pre-game show for the Divisional Semi-Finals and Finals. They showed they can do it well when they try.