RARELY are both TV and Radio in synch!

Not true! He can commentate. He's just not that good at it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also radio, cable tv and satalite are always a few seconds off. Radio has a deliberate delay and then the three different signals travel at different speeds.

Got any alternatives for Eskimo fans? The radio alternative to Rod Black is 1000x worse....

Thought an Eskie fan would appreciate TSN calling. The Stamps offense is on the field at the moment in what could be the Stamps 5th TD of the day against the Esks. This gives us some time to talk about Ricky Ray before Ricky Ray takes the field again!Ricky Ray is amazing! Ricky Ray is a legend! that's why Ricky Ray is god! Ricky Ray is having a bad day, which is highly unusual for Ricky Ray! Ricky Ray is the best QB to ever play for the Esks! I love you Ricky Ray! What an arm Ricky Ray has, wonder if he'd show me what it can do after the game! Ricky Ray's a beast! Hooray hurcules (aka Ricky Ray) Fred Stamps made an amazing catch, but he wouldn't be any good at all if Ricky Ray wasn't starting! Frickin annoying! i always lower volume when the Cats face the Esks or anyone else for that matter.

:lol: thats great! Especially:"What an arm Ricky Ray has, wonder if he'd show me what it can do after the game!" :lol: love it!

Dont forget Mr "Shake'n'Bake"!

That is true.

...you're right-on MadJack......but Black ain't the only one who has beaten to death the fact that Payton is the son of........I just read a local article that made the same reference......How is the man ever supposed to claim his own identity when he's constantly reffered to.....yup he's daddy's boy.....Maybe someone will catch-on and stop the description and let Jarret Payton be Jarret Payton... :wink:

Glen "Arguablely the best(insert attribute, flavor of the week)..." Suitor comes to mind! Gosh he beats that one to death!!! LOL!

Suitor is awful,constantly rambles on during a penalty calls during crucial points in the game. Never fails, then he doesn,t even realize that there was a penalty on the play and can't figure out what is going on. He always misses the obvious and tells you something useless. Walby much better and much more excitable.

Walby? You best be trolling. Short of being down on the sidelines I'd say he was a fulltime Winterpeg cheerleader!

It's hard to criticize G. Suitor. He is the best there is. It's just he does so many games you hear his favourite phrases more often. He's usually bang on and a great analyst/colour man. D. Forde is head-and-shoulders better than the guys he replaced from previous years, being very knowledgeable about the game and a good communicator, although not as expressive as Suits.

Are you kidding? He unlike walby, doesnt talk while the ref is calling the penalty, so you can actually hear what the call was. Walby would talk during it and you wouldn't know what they called, plus he seemed very right wing too, he would almost always side with the refs even when they were wrong. "Thats a great call by the officials"


I don't have anything against the man(GS), but it's like a Nickleback song you hear on the radio every half hour, it just gets tiring and takes away from the player, referee, or coach he said it(arguably the best....) about the last time.

The comment about Forde is right on, and I know you wouldn't but I'd put him ahead of GS as well.

Glen Suitor is the best colour commentator we have lol

They need 3 guys in the booth to do the games put Dunigan in there to liven things up. They need someone with more personality not just someone to call the game.

We all have our opinions...............

I'm sure that if we listed absolutely ever announcer, commentator, and panelist on CFL broadcasts, there wouldn't be one we could name that everyone likes.................each and every one will have a detractor.

Joe Galat !!!! James Currie !!!! I think we can all agree, they were bad ?

I can agree. I always loathed John Wells and his father Jack Wells as commentators as well.

i thought i was the only one who didnt like Rod black. thank you for pointing ou the payton thing too. that was horrible. jon madden is reitred… how about bringin him up for a few games… and if that doesnt pan out, how about jim ross and jerry “the king” lawler?