The following is an email I have sent to TSN.........

"I am a rabid CFL fan, and really enjoy your broadcasts of the games.

I have one suggestion to make for this coming season.

Jarrett Payton has signed with the Toronto Argonauts. Assuming he makes the team, permit me to make one request of your on-air broadcasters.

This season, please do not, as you seemed to do in 2007, mention to us on practically every play in which Payton is involved, that he is the son of NFL great Walter Payton.

We know that, and do not need to be constantly reminded of that fact."


right on! ESPECIALLY Rod Black!

Agreed............I was going to speficially mention him, but decided not to make it personal.........................but he sure was the worst offender...............

...I can't WAIT for the Rod Black Comedy Show on TSN....it's awesome....

He is all around the worst offender, the dude cant commentate

Every game he is doing they should just replace the TSN theme with the theme from the Benny Hill show

One of Black's comments that really got me last season was during an early game involving the Argos................Kerry Joseph threw a pass to Bethel Johnson (remember him?), and Black said "Kerry Joseph is developing some chemistry with Bethel Johnson."

One pass and catch equals "chemistry?"...................

Some chemistry, Johnson was released shortly thereafter.

Rod Black has man love for certain players.

I actually don’t mind Rod Black. I did enjoy when Gord Miller did a game last year. For a hockey guy, he was really good.

I have a feeling this year we will hear about Lumsden son of Neil, Mcgrath son of Joe and if Lee shows up in BC son of Orville...
and a whole lot about Mike Kelly :wink:

I would take Gord Miller over Black as a play-by-play guy any day. I don't know why Miller doesn't do CFL games? I would even take they guy that does the CIS games ( I ferget his name) over Black. In fact I don't like Black at all and would prefer the CBC's "silence is golden" announcers when they were on strike, over Black.

I think you chalk a lot it up to growing pains (at least I hope so). Black has had a year now to expand his football vocabulary.

Well at least he didn't use the phrase "up the gut" like Mark Lee did over at CBC, over and over and over over again.

I do believe Milt Stegall will be working as a colour guy for TSN this year.

Yes, I'm really looking forward to that!

My suggestion for those who don't like TSN commentating:

Mute your surround sound system and listen to the broadcast on your local radio station.

The one that gets me the most is when Black and others make reference to a guy 'high-stepping'... they really need to know what the term means before using it.

Great point, but you don't have to tell us in Sask. I think thats what half the province has always done!

Same in Winnipeg,we haven’t won anything in 20 years,but listening to Bob Irving makes it a bit better. He is the best in the business,bar none. He doesn’t sugar coat anything and calls the game like no other.
The Calgary radio guys are awful ,it’s hard to be that bad.

The term that gets me the most is when Black and others make reference to a guy ‘high-stepping’… they really need to know what it means before using it!

It's true. Bob is a joy to listen to, and in times like these for the Bombers, it's easy to see he's not a love/hate type personality.

The Riders radio play-by-play guy Rod Peterson is a great hockey guy and a nice approachable person. He's faaar too much of a home'er though. I long for the days of Jeff Courrier(Rider radio) who IMO is the best CFL play-by-play guy in my lifetime(32 years).