Was anyone else frustrated with TSN last night. I missed the first half and came in to watch the second, and admitingly as a rider fan I'm frustrated over the loss. But the coverage was pathetic. They went to 500 commercial breaks and missed parts of the play on a few occasions as well as penalty calls. It was most frustrating at the end when Edmonton tried the pooch kick on 3rd down gamble and the Riders recovered (I think it was Lucas) and was smoked as he came down with the ball. I wanted to see what the result was and of course TSN went to another commercial break. When they came back it was first down on the 30 yard line or so. When I looked the play by play up on the CFL.ca today I saw there was only a 5 yard penalty on the call. I sure wish I could have seen the rational for that one. It just seemed like there was no analysis just commercials, which was extremely annoying at the end of the game especially when it was so close. And to miss part of the game and not even relay what happened is unforgivable. So much for the benefits of giving up on the CBC.

yeah yeah yeah.
I have stated that their coverage is poor as well, but I find that a lot of posters on this thread seem to think the coverage is good.

I don't mind TSN's coverge. But it does get a little annoying when they cut to a commercial after every change of possesion.

Thats the cost of having CFL on TV and anythings better than Walby

i also hate the tons of commercials that tsn has. If they cut those back, there coverage would be amazing.

What happened to Darren Flutie from CBC? He was the one and only bright spot on there coverage.

I'm thankful to get any CFL games here in the states. As to Flutie, I thought that he was POOR at best.

I was never a fan of Flutie’s either. His constant references to every player by first name only, as if every player in the CFL was a personal friend of his, used to drive me nuts (Damon threw a great pass to Arland, but the coverage by Jackie and Eddie was terrific…arrrrrgggghhhhh).

Up to this week I felt the coverage was not bad. Seems we lost a lot of plays because they would cut for commercials where there should not have been one. Guess they know they have a captive audience so will milk it for all it's worth. The're difenitely biased but after years you try to get use to it.

C'mon what about Leif Peterson. Talk about wishing someone had a concussion!

That annoyed the hell out of me. What was the worst about it is when he would do it with players that came into the league after he retired, so he didn't play with them and probably didn't know them. McManus does it a bit too, but only with players he played with.


Some TV's have a mute button. Just mute the sound and do your own play by play and commentary...should be perfect.

I thought that was great when CBC went on strike!

Yeah, i miss that.


  1. Now I have heard everything. We're pissed off because of all the commercials? FYI, we wouldn't have a league if there were no sponsors. Companies are putting money forward to be sponsors of a league and a game that we all love. Only a few short years ago, we were complaining that not all regular season games were televised. So, the CFL sought out partnerships and sponsors in order to get enough money in order to televise all games. Now, we are pissed that there are too many sponsors that put out too many commercials and mess up our fields with logos and advertisments. We still have the CFL because of all of the sponsors.

  2. We are upset that the "ex-CFLers" turned commentators are horrible at their job. Here's an idea for the haters, go take some media training and broadcasting classes and then put your resume into CBC and TSN and apply for the job. These players turned commentators are a good promo tool for the league. They are doing it because they love the CFL and want it to succeed. Most of them are also American. They live up here and while being taxed to death, rather than living at home in Florida, are putting in time to help the CFL and it's fans enjoy the game and continuing to contribute to the success of the league.

Good points Kman7. You might want to check your math about "being taxed to death," though. Compare the proporational take-home pay of a Canadian football commentator with an American. You will be surprised to learn that, even with our superficially higher tax rate, we actually have more to work with because of universal services such as health care. Also compare Canada with most developed countries: contrary to the misinformation you get in the national dailies, our tax rate is among the lowest.

I don't think I could said this better myself!!! Thank you Kman

I'm with Kman7 - couldn't have said it better than that.

Riders!!! If you're not for us you're against us!!!

Good points Leelaw. So true. Oh Canada !