tsn, you short changed the fans, again.

just my opinion but time and again, their programming decisions are called into question. how, in god's name can you possibly favour the f'n ryder cup on a night like this when you know damn well what is set to go on at ivor wynne for one of the true legends of the game that you are now the SOLE broadcaster for. You had to have exclusive rights, so act like it and respect the friggin game.if you're going to broadcast a game, then do it all in or nothing.-no f'n excuse, this was bulls^%t.i know this is not the tsn site but they make it so god damn hard to contact them on their site. the whole country except for the 20,000 plus people in the stadium missed out on this
ceremony-thanks for nothing, needless to say the programming director needs to be taken out to the woodshed on this one-no idea. you will not be taken seriously by alot of fans in this country until you realize what the vast majority of the people would prefer to see in a case like this. just plain bulls#$t.

that's it, i don't feel any f'n better.
city legend

thank you ticats. ca for letting me vent and i didn't use the word s##k.

Ah so much complaining I'm sure its going to be made available here on Ticats.ca at one point.

Any other channel would have done the same thing. The Ryder cup is huge folks, whether you like it or not im not even a golf fan (I couldnt name 3 golfers participating) but even I can recognize that Lancaster's passing and subsequent tribute could not be predicted months and months ago when broadcasting schedules and contracts were being decided, and TSN is obligated to show the Ryder cup.

:roll: Sadly, I don't think that this has anything to do with TSN. The ticats chose to black out this game to fans within a 50? mile radius of Hamilton. TSN has the Ryder Cup on TSN2 as well and I doubt that they'd have the same thing on both channels by choice. Not a great way to entice fans! :thdn:

What exactly will this blackout accomplish?

it encourages people to go to the game rather than watch it on TV.

Dont people remember the 90's??? This happened it seemed every week for the cats home games.

I think your anger is misguided, the game would be on regular TSN if the Tiger-Cats had not asked for it to be blacked out in the local area.

I thought we lived through this stupidity in the 70's. If Bob Young would like to fill IWS maybe he should consider fielding a team, that is worth paying for. I guess the reality is he's actually doing people a service by keeping it off the air.

Blackouts sure increased the attendance in the '90s. :wink:

lol you got that right.

This has nothing to do with blackout. The rest of us missed the whole half hr pregame and most of the video tribute because of that damn golf, which isnt even a sport and shouldnt be on sports stations to begin with.

Everything should always be pre-empted for CFL, in Canada, on sports stations.

Wow, I actually agree with FYB...