TSN with FANDUEL A Monopoly

Not to start any alarms or press any panic buttons, but it does bother me that at the top of the TSN page (CFL page) on the right side, it states “ODDS by FANDUEL”.
What is ODDS, or what does it stand for? I did a Google search, but nothing relevant.

The whole Monopoly thing started bothering me. TSN is our ONLY sports service in Canada. Others may argue, but let’s be realistic.

Back in the day when I was a kid watching CFL football the game could be on either CTV or CBC. Pat Marsden on CTV was kinda my favorite but then the next game on the other channel (CBC) with Whitmann was great as well. They both had their own feel which seemed unique and different but both were good. The main point was that there was that difference, and more than one.

If someone could explain what ODDS by Fanduel means that could go a long way for me. And not that I automatically think that everything is a conspiracy when I don’t understand it, I have to admit, at my age, I tend to lean that way when in doubt. I try not to. But it sure seems that either they want me to or try really hard, or disguise it.

I really only want to sign up for the broadcasts. I don’t have conventional cable anymore and want to pay TSN for my ability to watch football games and all the other stuff as well that I can watch with that subscription.

While car racing and tennis don’t interest me much, NCAA football coming up in a couple/few months kinda does. And then there’s NFL and the Grey Cup.

I have no qualms about giving TSN my money, but right off the hop, they serve me this unknown. Maybe I shouldn’t have noticed it or it doesn’t matter much, but it is there. Why? Either I’m just too old to matter or worry about or am I really missing something? Or really it just doesn’t matter… I’ve always thought that the idea of nothing matters doesn’t exist.

I know I’m being paranoid, but I only want to watch football. The other stuff isn’t explained all that well. I get that the younger people would be annoyed if it was, because they already know what’s going on. Funny thing is that I’m not that old…

I suppose that ‘ODDS’ means just that, odds, as in betting. I get that now. I figured it out. It’s amazing how sometimes I need an anvil to drop on my head.

Knowing that I’ve created a waste of bandwith here I would delete it if I could, but I can’t. So here we are. Discussing either a monopoly or my own ineptness. Have at it. :slight_smile:

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Odds by FanDuel means any betting odds on their website are provided by Fanduels sports book

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Thank you.


I assume you mean when it comes to CFL coverage. For other sports, Sportsnet comes to mind.

Not a waste at all. I am also older and don’t like fanduel being involved. TSN should not be advertising for gambling sites.

Alcohol ok, fast food ok?

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Good point