TSN - What year is this?

Until TSN wakes up to their error, they just posted the Wired VIDEO of us losing to the Redblacks in the rain.

The TSN text says that we have our 13th win in 2019, but then you get to see the game and Campbell in the locker room after a very different result on October 27, 2018.

Check out https://www.tsn.ca/wired/video/cfl-wired-week-19-ticats-set-single-season-wins-record-with-13th-victory~1811220

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Yeah I saw that as well, Does anyone actually pay attention to whats being posted?

Lucky to get anything.
Once NFL and NHL start CFL coverage vaporizes until game day. Then add Raptors and the vapor vaporizes. TSN treats it like the red headed step kid .

It’s so obvious. It starts out saying that ‘first place is on the line’ and then we see Trevor Harris and Diontae Spencer.

I sent a message to TSN on Facebook yesterday about it. Disappointed because Marsh and Melo on the radio said it was a good one.

It’s funny but I used appreciate what TSN did for the CFL because CBC started to treat Canadian football as an afterthought. Now it seems TSN is taking it for granted as well.

I long for the CBC days with Wittman and Lancaster in the booth calling the game.

X 2!

Except the part when they would only do one game per week-end, and black-out playoff games within a certain distance from the stadium?

Exactly. They had absolutely zero responsibility to Canadian football and only used it as a slot filler and cash cow. TSN treated it with sportcaster coverage and gave the fans the schedule wide coverage it deserved.

You think it was the broadcaster that made the decision to black out the games?


Then they got lazy.

Those blackouts were imposed by Ballard in the early 80s. I remember that people with a certain cable provider on the mountain were able to see the blackout games through a London TV station (CFPL) which was a CBC affiliate. Unfortunately this London station was not available in Stoney Creek. Luckily we had relatives on the mountain who invited us over for games. :slight_smile:

Blackouts are a league policy, enforced by the team’s and still exists today should a team want to do it.

TSN telecasts may need some improvement; but I think some people may be forgetting all the incremental upgrades TSN has implemented over the years.

As a kid, I thought Witman and Lancaster telecasts were not hip enough; they were good for an older crowd.
Thus with the blackouts and telecasting to suit an older generation the CFL lost two generations of young fans.

Even today, the target audience seems to be to an older audience…playing older music etc. I’m ok with 80s music; but I would rather the team focus on the next generation- as unlike my generation, the younger generation has a lot more entertainment options for their time.

For some reason they stopped posting pictures on the scoreboard that people take during the game. My teenage daughter and her friends got on the once and it was the highlight of the entire night for them.

Lots of people watch the content they put up. Especially the Kiss Cam after that... uh... incident a couple games ago lol.

How big a property the CFL is for TSN is debatable but its certainly significant. Shouldn’t its flagship highlight show “Jay and Dan” be a little more clued in at least?
Clearly neither of them are fans, they don’t have to be, but the other week Dan asked if the league still did “kick for a million”.
Its been ,what, ten years ? sheesh.

I’m still waiting for them to figure out how to properly show the first down line on the field. It’s either crooked or broken or going through players or not there at all. Pretty sad they can’t even get it right when you see what other networks (NFL, NCAA) do with the yards to gain graphic. Oh well one step at a time.

I like TSN’s coverage especially if you have their app or go to their website and click on the CFL links. There is no shortage of coverage.
In many ways it has saved the league , as it is not unusual to have half a million people watching a Friday night game and at the stadium there is a large amount of younger fans.
The blackouts in the 70’s and 80’s were so terrible for the league. I remember listening to many home games on the radio when I was 8 or 9 as I lived a 15 minute walk from the stadium. Plus to see highlights you had to stay up to 11:30 and watch Sportsline or watch Dick Beddoes at 11:45 on CHCH. I used to sneak out to our family/TV room and catch the highlights when I was very young.