… any preference or comments on quality of coverage, announcers and other ?

TSN by a mile, in my opinion. Cuthbert/Lee is about a wash, and both Suitor and Walby have their good and bad points, but TSN really shines with the panel, whereas CBC comes up short.

The chemistry between Schultz, Dunigan, Climie, and Randorf far surpasses any chemistry on CBC; you also can actually learn something about the game from them. My lady is filipina, and has only been in Canada 3 years, but has become a rabid CFL fan and she learned so much about the game from the TSN panel…and learned precious little from the CBC guys.

Now, that said, I will concede that CBC’s panel was a bit better in their first game this year, Toronto~BC, so we’ll see it that holds up.

My biggest complaint about CBC coverage is when Walby gets the game off, and Flutie goes up to do colour commentary…he drives me nuts always referring to the players by their first names, as if every dang player in the whole CFL is a personal friend of his. Once or twice during the game would be acceptable, but he does it all the time…and I get sick of hearing “Henry made a good move to avoid being sacked by Joe, and it was a good throw just too bad that Jason couldn’t hang on”.

And a final comment to both TSN and CBC…this may shock all the talking heads, but we all KNOW that Damon Allen is about to turn 42, and we all KNOW that he is a grandfather. Impressive, certainly, but please stop reminding us every ten minutes!!!

I think TSN is much more entertaining with the Panel of Dan, Chris, Jock and Head Trauma, I mean Dunnigan…plus I get very annoyed at Walby trying to grind an intelligent thought out during the course of the game.

One thing that does drive me COMPLETELY insane is the whole concept of Glen’s Gladiators. If anyone had ever truly watched Glen himself play during his illustrious career as a Rider, we know that Glen was in fact a pylon out there. He was no Gladiator thats for damn sure, but then again, he got burned or ran over so many times, maybe he has a good knack for picking them out.

While TSN has the superior announcers, CBC wins hands down on cameras and replays. CBC gives you three or four views. Factor in Walby…TSN Wins ever so slightly!

That was soooooo true…HAHAHAHA.

One thing that drives me nuts about CBC coverage is that they wait until live game action to put up the score time left etc which partially blocks the view of the play. Why not do this during the many sideline interviews, etc. That way we get the infro but still see all the play!

worst part about CBC is Millington. The guy cannot even talk let alone have an original opinion. Everything is rehashed from what the other say. He is horrible

Up untill last year on TSN what has always driven me crazy is that whenever there is a penality, they would never show the ref. They always seemed to think it was ok to show the players standing around waiting. That would not be a problem if the commentators would shut up while the ref was anouncing the penality. They would’nt do that either. They would be yapping away while showing a coach picking his nose and then cut bach to the play with the ball moved back 10 yards.

I gave my vote to TSN solely based on the fact that TSN does way more (in my eyes) to promote and advertise our game than the CBC.

Although, I do watch every CBC game, because one of these days Millington and Flutie are going to come to blows and I don’t want to miss it. Poor Greg in the middle is going to get killed. Now with early coverage in the season, this is the year it will happen.

TSN, Friday Night Football ROCKS!!! :smiley:

Well, everybodys ready for football!

something, something, something! :oops:

Gonna kick back and relex, watching football on a friday night!

IT’S FRIDAY! and gonna be a party!

IT’S FRIDAY! coast to coast! CFL IS CANADA’S GAME!!!

Well, we all came down to party, and were ready for a fight!

Gonna kick and relex and Friday Night FOOTBALL!!! … gonna kick back and wacth CFL FOOTBALL!!! … kick back and relex cuz is FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL TONIGHT!!!

It’s not even close, TSN by a country mile now. Especially since the best announcer CC is on board. As for the panel, now with Dunigan returning they are the best panel anywhere/any sport.

Im watching the pregame and another thing I hate about TSN comes to mind.
Do they really have top post the scores of every basball golf basketball and titdly winks game being played .
I find it annoying and distracting when they do it every 15 minutes. Once an hour is more than enought

Is ESPN throwing a bunch of money into TSN because those player profiles they show when spotlighting individual players are awesome! The production quality is great.

THE CBC has better camera people.

I hate LIEF

TSN’S Friday night football…was devolpoed be ARGO , C.E.O. Keith Pelley…as TSN’s president…and after working for the NFL…on FOX.

I don’t think that CHRIS WALBY is that bad.

They both have there

  • and - s

Yeah, but Walby is a BIG MINUS.

I like Chris Walby, he’s not too bad, entertaining. I HATE Glen Suitor, he’s nothing but a moron who likes the sound of his own voice. But overall, TSN wins hands down. And yes, their panel is 10 times better than CBCs. Good to see Dunigan back.

Chris Walby is okay as long as the Bombers aren’t playing. Then he gets annoying.

Plus, I hate looking at his hand holding the mic when on camera. He’s had so many bones broken, his one finger looks like he had a toe grafted onto it.

Therefore, TSN > CBC

Plus, TSN isn’t supported by our tax dollars. Down with the useless government-owned money pit known as CBC!!!

EDIT - and Glen Suitor deserves a firehose enema. I really hate CBC. TSN supports CFl all season long, then CBC pulls the rug out from under them to show theLabor Day and playoff games - what a bunch of jerks. If CBC cared so much about Canadian content they would carry all the games themselves. Oh well, at least I haven’t had to watch crappy Maple Leaf hockey games all winter… one of the upsides of the NHL lockout…

Well the last couple of years the CBC has been on board from the beginning. Kind of fair-weather fans, I guess. Now that the league’s doing well, they’re right in the thick of things, but when attendance was weak, they were too busy showing equestrian championships or curling highlights.

Thought TSN camera and direction was crap tonight, coming late to the play etc.

Also the commentators in both games tonight were less than great. In the MTL vs Ottawa game tonight near the end of the game he was going on about why did they did not use there time out… perhaps because they already had! Duh!

In the TO vs Cal game they were talking about how Burris early problems were because of nerves! Have they not see any of his game film! His actions were just typical Burris…