TSN Video

I'm not sure if it's just me and my PC or if this is because I don't live in Ontario and have a cable subscription.

I get nothing... no video on TSN at all. I wouldn't mind watching highlights and I used to enjoy watching their roundtable discussions etc.......I just tried disabling my adblocker left the site went back via link....nothing.

The questions is does TSN video only work in Ontario, Does anyone know?

This probably doesn't answer your question, as I live in Ontario and I am a Rogers customer, but the TSN videos are working for me. A login screen appears when I start the live feed, but the rest of the videos just play. So I don't think it has anything to do with being a Rogers customer, although I can't be sure.

You need to have a TSN subscription through a service provider. You will be prompted to login through your provider so you also need to have your browser set to accept third party cookies. Not a safe way to have your browser set up so I only select the setting when I'm going to watch TSN then turn it back off when I close the TSN tab.

I'm not in Ontario and I'm using Firefox with AdBlock enabled and videos work just fine (without logging in or subscription) as does streaming and GOD (both of which I have to log in for).

Try using a different browser to see what happens IE, Firefox, Chrome or Opera. What do you have for a PC, is it old? Maybe you have a corrupted cookie, can you clear the cache? Is your Adobe Flash up to date?

Videos working fine here in NB. Could be a browser or Internet issue.

Thanks, that's what I was wondering about.

It's an old PC I'll have to look into that issue, thanks for the tips about cleaning my cache and all that. Seems to me this started quite a while ago :frowning:

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