TSN video clip on Ti-Cats' predicament


i watched the video about montreal right after and apparently 2 fights broke out during practice this week

i think we really got a chance this week

and hopefully a win will give us some confidence and we'll get back on track

i agree if we r going to beat anybody in these next couple of weeks it will be montreal first this saturday. they r a mess too just like us but i feel we have a stronger boast over them.

i was watching the-score this morning and they were saying how after 2 games our recievers have not caught a touchdown pass and every1 thinks were a laughing stock because we dont have a td yet this season

well montreal ony has one td this year and it was a rushing td

i cant w8 till chang gets the start and we silence the critics

then i wont have to listen to my friends ( argo fans ) bother me