TSN TV #: CFL 800K, NHL 714K - Surprise, Not!

Those who continue to believe how NHL hockey is Canada's game, try this on for change.

CFL game average - 800,000
NHL game average - 714,000

<!-- m -->[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/cfl-targets-generation-next/article1814225/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le1814225/[/url]<!-- m -->

Like some of us have been saying the league is in for a substantial increase in the next contract.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/cfl-tv-ratings-go-through-the-roof/article1814305/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le1814305/[/url]

I feel like we have a parrot posting on the forum... :expressionless:

Polly want a cracker!

There is a correction noted in the papers the last two days to my initial post, with the average viewership for the CFL on TSN is 876,000 vs. 714,000 for NHL.
Even better numbers.

Someone on my facebook list has those numbers as his FB status.

Spread the word!

And especially to all those hockey pucks.
Yea baby.

did you perhaps overlook the following

"However, after taking big leaps in 2008 and 2009, the pace of growth in the 18-34 share of game viewership has shown signs of slowing; it climbed a modest 1 percentage point in 2010. Sports marketing experts point out that youth participation in football in Canada is declining, and younger football fans tend to be more drawn to the glitter and fame of the National Football League. And, as many other sports leagues and businesses are discovering, that demographic is consuming information and entertainment in a perplexingly different way than their parents did"

all is not yet rosy or safe.

also, take into account the number of televised hockey games vs cfl, and the number of other networks that carry cfl games and that the first quarter of the nhl season really doesnt mean anything.

Not to mention how many will be turned off by how bush league this site is run.

Wow, very impressive :thup:

Great numbers.
And its gotta suck to be or have to be around grumpy old man FYB. Condolences to his neighbors. I was gonna say family but I’m sure they’ve wised up.

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Never miss an opportunity to get this in, even when it is completely irrelevant. You really have something against these guys, don't you !?!?!?

you bet I do. Cant stand incompetence.

dont have to be grumpy to see the WHOLE picture and inject a healthy dose of reality.

and my family are definitely wiser than you.

OTOH, this damn site today is making me somewhat grumpier than usual. Expect it will be worse tomorrow. The site that is. Gonna try to avoid this site tomorrow, at least til after the game.

I know for myself I watch every CFL game I can, they are all important in an 18 game schedule. Hockey I like but only once in a while since there are so many games. And I'm turned off when a guy does a clean hit but the other team has to retaliate with a fight, from a clean hit. I don't get that and it's a total turnoff for me. Hockey still can't figure out what it is. And good on some hockey commentators who are now saying this publicly, someone on TSN, a former player I think it was, on the panel mentioned that. I was very impressed.

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you seem happier when watching and commenting on soaps and dance shows. tough gettin old hey…

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