Just an FYI to all that TSN is now moving some CFL games to TSN2. If you dont have Bell TV or Cogeco, you will not be seeing some of the CFL games down the stretch.

I urge people to write emails to your providers to put some pressure on, and to mcohon@cfl.ca for allowing TSN to get away from moving our CFL games to a second tier network when they signed an exclusive deal to show ALL CFL games nationally.

i have tsn2 but I can really understand the frustration of people who don’t have it.

they did sign an exclusive deal. They won’t be able to pull this off. They just won’t be able to.

I didn't hear them say the game would be on TSN2 exclusively. I think it will be available on both TSN and TSN2. At least it better be. :x

I wrote to the audiencerelations@tsn.ca but got a canned reply.


Nope, it's on TSN2 because the Ryder Cup is on TSN.

I think that's the only game being moved.

... :thup:

I regret CBC losing a split portion of the games now that I hear TSN is starting to put games on TSN 2.
We better protest like Crash advises or this will continue............ mcohon@cfl.ca .

so I guess its ok then :roll:

Here's a thought TSN
put the Ryder cup on TSN2 since it will be shown on NBC...
another slap in the face to the CFL!

Through all the years of blackouts, they said the CFL lost fans in southern Ontario to the NFL because that was all there was to watch.

Well alot of people in southern Ontario and most of Toronto don't get TSN2 because they have Rogers cable which does not offer TSN2.

So I guess on a Sunday afternoon anyone who wants to watch some football will have to watch the NFL.

Also TSN2 is not broadcast in HD.

Nope, it's on TSN2 because the Ryder Cup is on TSN.

I think that's the only game being moved.

8) What game is it that is being moved ???

I thought i heard a second one is moving as well during the late game last night.

Not real happy about this. I have Rogers and can't get TSN2, and I'm not about to move to Bell to pick up a couple of missed games.

I'm sure I will survive, but I really don't like the looks of this.

Isn't it about time the CRTC opens up the cable monopoly. It thoroughly disgusts me that I still only have one option for a cable TV provider! I can't wait to see how the transition to HD TV is handled. I'm sure we will get screwed in the pocket book again.


Yes, Like Wireless, Internet and all kinds of services, we really are in the stone age for this.

I'm stubornly not paying extra to cable companies to bloody well get TSN2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off the top of my head, it's the Eskimos-Als game on September 28 (Sunday). I'm pretty sure it's a Sunday tilt.

Oski Wee Wee,

Also TSN2 is not broadcast in HD.
tsn2H is on bell channel 848. I get tsn2 in regular and hd with bell but most people dont right now. Great move by tsn, use the people to pressure the providers to pick up a new station, dirty.

Possible. I would've missed that announcement watching the game in fast forward on my PVR this morning.

But a month or so ago when TSN2 was announced, someone on another forum checked through TSN's CFL schedule and the only conflict they found that might be given a higher priority was with the Ryder Cup next week.


“It is important that our fans understand this is the only CFL game airing on TSN2 this season.”