TSN treating us fans this year !

Bunch of new content promoting the CFL !


Super stuff! :thup:

Sounds like they’re giving us a Canadian verson of “America’s Game”

I like it!

I know what I'll be doing on the 29th and 30th!

I'm not going to go too far out on a limb, when I say that this year will be the most successful year yet in terms of ratings for TSN. You get what you put in, and they have been doing a great job.

I agree TSN has taken the CFL broadcast to a whole other level, i think they are actually learning from the powerful NFL.

it is all about show for television. i say the first week in the cfl all games will get close to a million people watching for each game.

I can't say that I miss the CBC brodcast a whole lot compared to TSN.

They only mention the two 1/2 hour segments on June 30 but it's actually going to be 2 hours of programming starting at 7 ET.

Outstanding. I can't wait. It looks as if I'll have to try and sneak a peek on the Slingbox while I'm at work. :smiley:

Sounds good. Only thing I would change is making the Top 10 Plays an hour long. Might seem a bit rushed squeezing 10 plays and a bunch of interviews into 22 minutes.

Other than that, it sounds good! :thup:

Pretty simple equation.... The more TSN promotes the CFL,the more viewers, and the more they can charge the sponsors for commercial time.

Every one's a winner!

Top 10 plays in 2005
Top 10 plays in 2006
Top 10 plays in 2008
Some goodies from the past from TSN.

ahh geez when i seen the title i thought it was TSN adding more commericals so we didn't have to watch the same rona commerical 100x a game

Any word if it will be online? I dont have TSN this summer in my house but i want to watch the Alouettes one.


I doubt it will be streamed live but it should be in the video library of the broadband section of their website within a day of being aired.

the only problem TSN has is Chris Cuthbert is still doing commentary, he doesn't have a football voice at all

Cuthbert could sound like Gilbert Gottfried and I'd still prefer him to Rod Black. I hope Gord Miller does more CFL games this year.

Dunnigan rocks!!!

Someone ragging on Cuthbert? That's a first... :lol:

What's so bad about him?
Also this further proves a point I made a while ago: CFL fans love to complain too much