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Check out their "Hilites" of the Argo-TiCat game. The only TD of the game is NOT a hilite. Summers' return is NOT a hilite.
Lemon overthrowing a receiver IS a hilite. The only hilite with a Tiger-Cat touching the ball is Beveridge returning an INT.


The film that they showed on SC was the only film TSN could retrieve from the game. Toronto submitted their offensive highlight film to TSN and Hamilton didn't have enough time apparently to submit film to TSN before SC broadcasted this evening...

Who cares its preseason. TSN showing anything without anyone covering the game is a surprise. See any Als/Bummers lowlights?

:thup: I think its also a case for them to try to drum up support for ticket sales. For once they'll need it more then we do. I picked up a 10 pack of tickets for my friends for the home opener. No much space left in silvers at all and the Golds where we're sitting are filling up nicely as well.

Who cares the game was more boring than watching drunk turtles race.

Exactly who cares, I care about this game about as much as a Toronto Maple Leafs game regular season or playoff late round, and believe me, that isn't very much.

That actually sounds like quite the halftime show.....

Who cares

Exactly, Who Cares? It was only the Ticats playing and all…

The fact is noone cares it was a CFL exhibition came. Hilights were shown which is better then expected for Nation wide sports broadcaster. Hate to say it but showing hilights only caters to less 1% of the population noone cares about the exhibition season really.

Drunk turtle racing????? Doh ...I missed that again!!!!!!!

It’s a good thing the game wasn’t telecast, and you can see why TSN wouldn’t want to broadcast a pre-season CFL game. It wouldn’t be a very good selling point for the CFL.

I think you can catch it on The Score.