TSN Top 50 Players in the CFL for 2013

TSN has released its annual list.


Only 3 Ticats - including one who elected not to show up this year (#7), as well as Burris (#13) and Fantuz (#45). Guess that's what we get for finishing last.

The panel seems to like players who have been cut (Rey Williams, Jonathan Hefney).

Prediction: this list marks the last time Chad Owens will ever be formally acknowledged as the best player in the league.

Wouldn’t you know it, the season that Chris Williams isn’t here, they put him in the top 10, below Chad Owens. Well, that’s the Toronto press for you, one of them being a former Argo!!!

When you finish at 6 and 12, you can’t expect too many trophies.

Come next year, here’s hoping for a Hamilton domination of that list.

Hey if I were Coach Austin I would post this list in the dressing room for every player to look at and remind them to play as a Team, to Win as a team and for each player to bring their game up to the next level each and every game and starting with Toronto on opening day in the CFL!! Lists that are drawn up by Toronto media don't mean much but could be a good motivating factor to demonstrate our abilities as a team and show the CFL that this is a new team, new players, more stars this year = more Wins!!!

Hmmm … not sure it’s a Toronto conspiracy. They are the Grey Cup champs after all, yet finished in the middle of the pack with 6 selections out of 50.

The list featured:
10 Montreal Alouettes
9 BC Lions
8 Calgary Stampeders
6 Toronto Argonauts
6 Saskatchewan Roughriders
5 Winnipeg Blue Bombers
3 Edmonton Eskimos
3 Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Chip Cox and Hebert....have the judges not watched a game in the last 2 years???
Laughable that is.