TSN Top 50 Players for 2016

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/2016/06/21/grey-cup-mvp-reilly-tops-tsns-top-50-cfl-players-2016/]http://www.cfl.ca/2016/06/21/grey-cup-m ... yers-2016/[/url]

Distribution by Team:

Ottawa REDBLACKS – 7
Montreal Alouettes – 7
Edmonton Eskimos – 6
Winnipeg Blue Bombers – 6
Hamilton Tiger-Cats – 6
Toronto Argonauts – 5
Saskatchewan Roughriders – 5
BC Lions – 5
Calgary Stampeders – 3

  1. Mike Reilly, QB Edmonton Eskimos
  2. Adam Bighill, LB BC Lions
  3. Bo Levi Mitchell, QB Calgary Stampeders
  4. Henry Burris, QB Ottawa REDBLACKS
  5. Zach Collaros, QB Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  6. Andrew Harris, RB Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  7. Adarius Bowman, REC Edmonton Eskimos
  8. Derel Walker, REC Edmonton Eskimos
  9. Jamaal Westerman, DE Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  10. John Bowman, DE Montreal Alouettes
  11. SirVincent Rogers, OL Ottawa REDBLACKS
  12. Ricky Ray, QB Toronto Argonauts
  13. Ted Laurent, DT Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  14. Simoni Lawrence, LB Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  15. Jovan Olafioye, OL BC Lions
  16. Emmanuel Arceneaux, REC BC Lions
  17. Solomon Elimimian, LB BC Lions
  18. Tyrell Sutton, RB Montreal Alouettes
  19. Brandon Banks, RET/REC Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  20. S.J. Green, REC Montreal Alouettes
  21. Almondo Sewell, DT Edmonton Eskimos
  22. Chris Williams, REC Ottawa REDBLACKS
  23. Jerome Messam, RB Calgary Stampeders
  24. Winston Venable, LB Montreal Alouettes
  25. Charleston Hughes, DE Calgary Stampeders
  26. Darian Durant, QB Saskatchewan Roughriders
  27. Abdul Kanneh, DB Ottawa REDBLACKS
  28. Brendon Labatte, OL Saskatchewan Roughriders
  29. Odell Willis, DE Edmonton Eskimos
  30. Luke Tasker, REC Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  31. Jonathon Jennings, QB BC Lions
  32. Justin Medlock, K Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  33. Jon Gott, OL Ottawa REDBLACKS
  34. Jeff Knox Jr., LB Saskatchewan Roughriders
  35. Greg Ellingson, REC Ottawa REDBLACKS
  36. Jeff Perrett, OL Montreal Alouettes
  37. Justin Capicciotti, DE Saskatchewan Roughriders
  38. Duron Carter, REC Montreal Alouettes
  39. Keon Raymond, DB Toronto Argonauts
  40. Brandon Whitaker, RB Toronto Argonauts
  41. Vidal Hazelton, REC Toronto Argonauts
  42. Pat Watkins, DB Edmonton Eskimos
  43. Emanuel Davis, DB Hamilton Tiger-Cats
  44. Shawn Lemon, DE Saskatchewan Roughriders
  45. Drew Willy, QB Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  46. Kevin Glenn, QB Montreal Alouettes
  47. Ryan Smith, REC Winnipeg Blue Bombers
  48. Brad Sinopoli, REC Ottawa REDBLACKS
  49. Josh Bourke, OL Toronto Argonauts
  50. Weston Dressler, REC Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Eh.. This list is strictly an opinion.

I don't think Reilly fits at #1

Biased because they won the Grey Cup

Player rankings were based on how many points they got in the voting process. Voters were TSN experts and reporters from around the league.

Notable Players Below the Top 50

John Chick DE ----------- Ranked 06 in 2015; Ranked 76 in 2016
Chad Owens SB -------- Ranked 09 in 2015; Not Ranked in 2016
Bear Woods LB --------- Ranked 13 in 2015; Ranked 89 in 2016
Stanley Bryant OL------ Ranked 19 in 2015; Ranked 85 in 2016
Chip Cox LB ------------- Ranked 20 in 2015; Not Ranked in 2016
Weston Dressler SB --- Ranked 27 in 2015; Ranked 51 in 2016



I think its an interesting list. Not as obvious as in in past years. Perhaps more thoughtful.

I was kind of surprised at Reilly as 1. But then thought why not?

Bighill at 2 is interesting.
So too are
08. Derel Walker, REC Edmonton Eskimos
09. Jamaal Westerman, DE Winnipeg Blue Bombers
10. John Bowman, DE Montreal Alouettes
11. SirVincent Rogers, OL Ottawa REDBLACKS.

People gave some thought to this.

Basically just some fun stuff. But we all like lists.

...how does Chad Owens not make this list?

uhhhh... i guess he didnt get enough votes.

ban those reporters

Guess they think he's old and lost a step this year. Time will tell.

Why does Durant and chris carter former NFL'er son make the list? And who is the secret NFL QB that sask is bringing in?

Andrew Harris at no. 6 and Tyrell Sutton, the league rushing leader in 2015, at no. 18. LMAO

Because it's players for 2016, not 2015. It's based on expectations.

Have you not watched any games over the past two seasons?

Nice of TSN to give everyone a good laugh again this year with another ridiculous "top 50".

Evidently all starting QBs are automatically a top 50 player. Hank Burris at #4 is comical but Jonny Jennings at #31 is just embarrassing. And then there's The Worst Big Game QB In Pro Football History at #46.

Joke Knox Jr might be the 34th best LB in the CFL but there's no possible way any credible source would ever consider him the #34 player in the league.

You should thus enlighten all the mere mortals here and post a proper top 50. :slight_smile:

25 players from the East
25 players from the West (with one extra team)

Four out of the last 5 yrs, the Grey cup champion has come
from the West.

Sorry East, but you shouldnt have gotten more then 12 in the top 50.


...I get the guy declined last year somewhat, but to not rank at all for 2016?...


Not sure what the various teams' performance three, four, or five years ago have to do with how players on those teams are expected to perform this year. And the last two Grey Cup games have been decided in the last few minutes by less than a touchdown. Not exactly total domination there.

But I do agree that, given that 56% of all players play in the west, perhaps there should have been a few more western players than eastern players. Then again, with all the player movement over the winter, maybe there are / were?

Good point, there has been an awful lot of
player movement.


Why assume any kind of correlation between number of top players in a division and winning a Grey Cup? What if you're a great player on a bad team? What if you're a great player but you get injured? Championships are won as a team and are completely beside the point here. We're talking about individual players.

Can someone explain why Trevor Harris who passed for 33 TDs last year and over 4,000 yards passing didn't make the list but a QB who hasn't played in two years (Durant) made the list?.................................. :? :? :?

Probably not. At least not with any logical basis.

Actually, their logic was probably that , while both guys were healthy coming out of training camp, Durant was more likely to start more games, assuming you believe he can stay healthy - a pretty big assumption given the last two years. Remember, Harris was going to be backing up the invincible Burris, so not likely to play much.