TSN Top 50 for 2019



  1. Bo Levi Mitchell
    QB | Calgary Stampeders | Last Year: 2

  1. Mike Reilly
    QB | BC Lions | Last Year: 1

  1. Adam Bighill
    LB | Winnipeg Blue Bombers | Last Year: 18

  1. Micah Johnson
    DT | Saskatchewan Roughriders | Last Year: 17

  1. Andrew Harris
    RB | Winnipeg Blue Bombers | Last Year: 3

  1. Jeremiah Masoli
    QB | Hamilton Tiger-Cats | Last Year: 49

  1. Willie Jefferson
    DE | Winnipeg Blue Bombers | Last Year: 10

  1. Brandon Banks
    WR | Hamilton Tiger-Cats | Last Year: 22

  1. Delvin Breaux
    CB | Hamilton Tiger-Cats | Last Year: NR

  1. Stanley Bryant
    OT | Winnipeg Blue Bombers | Last Year: 12

  1. Trevor Harris
    QB | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: 19

  1. William Powell
    RB | Saskatchewan Roughriders | Last Year: 26

  1. Derel Walker
    WR | Toronto Argonauts | Last Year: 20

  1. Charleston Hughes
    DE | Saskatchewan Roughriders | Last Year: 13

  1. Brad Sinopoli
    SB | Ottawa Redblacks | Last Year: 50

  1. Larry Dean
    LB | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: 31

  1. Bryan Burnham
    SB | BC Lions | Last Year: 16

  1. Luke Tasker
    SB | Hamilton Tiger-Cats | Last Year: 37

  1. Greg Ellingson
    SB | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: 7

  1. Ed Gainey
    HB | Saskatchewan Roughriders | Last Year: 20

  1. Matt Nichols
    QB | Winnipeg Blue Bombers | Last Year: 14

  1. SirVincent Rogers
    OT | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: 47

  1. S.J. Green
    SB | Toronto Argonauts | Last Year: 9

  1. Henoc Muamba
    LB | Montreal Alouettes | Last Year: NR

  1. Ted Laurent
    LB | Hamilton Tiger-Cats | Last Year: 40

  1. Brandon Revenberg
    OG | Hamilton Tiger-Cats | Last Year: NR

  1. T.J. Lee
    HB | BC Lions | Last Year: NR

  1. Ja’Gared Davis
    DE | Hamilton Tiger-Cats | Last Year: NR

  1. Derek Dennis
    OT | Calgary Stampeders | Last Year: NR

  1. Almondo Sewell
    DT | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: 21

  1. Kamar Jorden
    SB | Calgary Stampeders | Last Year: NR

  1. Brendon LaBatte
    OG | Saskatchewan Roughriders | Last Year: 33

  1. Davon Coleman
    DT | BC Lions | Last Year: NR

  1. Eric Rogers
    SB | Calgary Stampeders | Last Year: NR

  1. C.J. Gable
    RB | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: NR

  1. Don Unamba
    SLB | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: NR

  1. Sukh Chungh
    OG | BC Lions | Last Year: NR

  1. Darvin Adams
    SB | Winnipeg Blue Bombers | Last Year: 43

  1. Solomon Elimimian
    LB | Saskatchewan Roughriders | Last Year: 4

  1. Taylor Loffler
    S | Montreal Alouettes | Last Year: 39

  1. James Wilder Jr.
    RB | Toronto Argonauts | Last Year: 11

  1. Nick Marshall
    CB | Saskatchewan Roughriders | Last Year: NR

  1. Don Jackson
    RB | Calgary Stampeders | Last Year: NR

  1. Aaron Grymes
    HB | BC Lions | Last Year: NR

  1. Tommie Campbell
    CB | Montreal Alouettes | Last Year: 35

  1. Lewis Ward
    K | Ottawa Redblacks | Last Year: NR

  1. Anthony Orange
    CB | Edmonton Eskimos | Last Year: NR

  1. Joel Figueroa
    OT | BC Lions | Last Year: NR

  1. Odell Willis
    DE | BC Lions | Last Year: NR


  1. Ciante Evans
    HB | Montreal Alouettes | Last Year: 38

At first glance, Trevor Harris is low, William Powell is high, Antoine Pruneau is overlooked, and there are a lot of kickers left out.

Not bad at all. While I don’t like seeing Andrew Harris falling from #3 to #5 after the season he had last year, I can understand the need to move a couple Defence players into the top five.


I totally agree with the placement of Bighill, but Mitchell should not be rated No.1 in my opinion, regardless of the fact that he’s clearly a proven winner. He just doesn’t have No.1 stats and is surrounded by deep talent.

Usually 7 or 8 qbs make the list. There were only 5 this year. It’s indicative of the poor quality of quarterbacking in this league at present.

I think that’s generally very true, which makes Bridge getting cut even harder to swallow.

OR just shows that Bridge really doesn’t belong in the league if he can’t make it when the QB talent pool is shallow.

Speaking on not belonging in the league, anyone know what Drew Willy is up to these days?

Let’s see…last year his team had the most wins in the league; CFL All Star; he led his team to a win in the Grey Cup; last year’s CFL MOP; earned the MVP for last year’s Grey Cup; set the CFL record for fastest starting quarterback to 60 wins…

Gotta say, you’re a hard person to please… :wink:

His TEAM had the most wins. He didn’t win games all by himself. I don’t want to downplay his talent too much, and you’re right about his awards of course, but looking at his stats, he’s simply doesn’t have the best numbers. I’ve posted on this previously here: http://forums.cfl.ca/cfl-talk/1/top-10-qbs-for-2019/108581/

Based on the above, I argue that Mitchell should not be rated No.1.

My standard is: How important was he to his team, and to his team’s success?

Mike Reilly is my all-time favorite CFL QB (after Doug Flutie), and always has phenomenal stats, but I wouldn’t list him #1 so long as his team didn’t even make the playoffs.

But I understand your stance on statistics. However, it gets a little tricky on which stats are most important. Reilly had the most yards (but tied for most interceptions; Harris had the best completion %; Mitchell had the most touchdown passes.

Then it gets tough comparing those stats to a running backs stats, or a receiver’s stats, or a defensive end’s stats.

So for me, the top dog on the top team gets my nod this year.

Fair enough. Those are very good reasons, and certainly, if the Grey Cup championship is the standard by which all Quarterbacks are judged, then he’s a worthy recipient of the No. 1 title. Still, I wonder how well he would have done with his current stats if he played for any other team. Harris and Reilly top the stats list even though they played on inferior teams. I similarly wonder how well they would have done if they had been the starter for the Stamps. I suspect they would have topped the list AND won the championship.

Whether this article was a factor or not is difficult to say, but last week I was more than impressed by Bo Levi’s chances to do well against the RedBlacks on Saturday. After picking the bum in Fantasy, I am decidedly not pleased right now.


You and me both. I still say he’s overrated despite the accolades.